A solution to the confusion of song names when listening to songs in MAC system using iTunes


When some users listen to songs using iTunes, they find that the song names are garbled, which has caused some trouble for users. So how to solve this problem? Today, Xiaobian brought you a way to fix the disordered names of iTunes songs.


Repair method:

To solve the confusion of iTunes song names, generally, just right-click the song to be converted, click “conversion ID3 tag”, then select “ASCII to ISO Latin-1” under the translated text characters, and finally click “OK” to complete the translation.


Of course, you can also use some third-party software, such as id3mod or Xiaoqian. When it is transferred to windows, there will be garbled code. You can convert the ID3 marked version to 2.4, so that it will not be garbled when it is transferred to windows iTunes!


The above is the method that Xiaobian brought to you to repair the disordered names of iTunes songs. Users who encounter this problem may wish to try this method to repair iTunes.