A plug-in that makes your YouTube silky and supple


YouTube and station B are two places where many people browse videos.

At first, I liked youtube, not only because I could see something that others couldn’t see, but also because the experience was great. And now, I’m completely disappointed. Do you understand the pain of watching a ten minute video and being jumped out four times? If you’re watching a video that requires focused thinking, this interruption is really annoying. If I don’t really can’t stand this behavior, I won’t use some advertising shielding plug-ins. After all, watching advertising is actually another kind of support for up owners.

In addition, YouTube has no small window to play. For example, when I slide down to the comment area, the video will not be suspended in the small window, bad comments!

No more nonsense. The plug-in recommended to you today is called enhancer for youtube. Installation address:https://chrome.google.com/web…

The plug-in has 400000 + users, and more than 9000 people have made comments, with a score of five (out of five).

It provides many functions and many configuration items, from appearance configuration to function configuration.

A plug-in that makes your YouTube silky and supple

You can also configure the theme. I changed the theme to dark mode.

A plug-in that makes your YouTube silky and supple

The main functions are:

  • Use the mouse wheel to control volume and playback speed
  • Video advertising (automatic or manual)
  • Channel white list (no automatic advertising)
  • Mask annotations (automatic or manual)
  • Automatically switch video definition (can be set to 4K, HD or any definition)
  • Loop video (full or partial loop)
  • Use custom theme styles
  • Auto stretch player
  • When viewing comments, fix the player in the lower right corner

A plug-in that makes your YouTube silky and supple

  • Execute custom script
  • 。。。

More functions await your exploration.