A notebook software based on Git



One based ongitNote taking software, usinggitWarehouse to establish their own synchronous notebook.

Note taking function

  • usegitAs a warehouse for online notes storage, notes synchronization between different devices is realized;
  • Using common tools used by developersmarkdownEditor to edit notes;
  • Realize the direct copy and paste of picture screenshots (similar to QQ screenshots directly pasted to notes)

Open source address:

Gitee source code:https://gitee.com/ericfang/git-notebook
Installation package download:https://gitee.com/ericfang/git-notebook/releases

Software interface and operation

The software itself is divided into three horizontal fields;
The first field: display the note folder directory structure;
The second field: display the file and directory of the currently selected folder;
Click three fields to edit the filemarkdownEdit and preview;
A notebook software based on Git

  • Add and edit notes

Click the button below to add and delete notes;
Click the drop-down list to switch notes;
A notebook software based on Git
A notebook software based on Git

  • Add catalog file

The left window is a note folder directory tree structure, which can be used toRight clickAdd or add directlyadd foldersButton to add a directory;
It can be directly draggedColumn 2To move files freely to other directories;
A notebook software based on Git

  • Add note file

clickfolderandfileButton to add the corresponding file.
A notebook software based on Git

  • Markdown editor

Click the Edit button to entermarkdownEdit button.
A notebook software based on Git
Edit the file and pressctrl + sSave file content (notes will be submitted togit );
clickpreviewButton to return to preview mode.
A notebook software based on Git

Bug submission

Any questions about the software can be submittedissueOr email me directly[email protected]
Thank you for your use and support.

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