A notebook of its own [Vue + gin + elementui front and rear end separation development and deployment open source project]



Why should I write a personal cloud note?
(⊙o⊙)… Amount, amount, amount… The story has to start with a bat
All right_ (:з」∠)_ I don’t want to talk about it

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Suddenly I found that Youdao cloud notes are not my own. My privacy is in other people’s library. And I always wanted to have my own cloud notes.
  2. Open the world’s largest gay dating platform gay… Mm-hmm… wrong, GitHub. Found that open source cloud note taking software is rare, almost No
  3. I want to do a front-end and back-end separation project, and I want to share it with you.
  4. The legend of a bat. (we should be clear)

The above is my impulse, no… On the spur of the moment, so I copy my small book and start to work!! It’s not right. It’s just the code! (driving from time to time. Old driver, get on the bus

Related technology stack used

front end

  • Vue (including vuerouter and Axios asynchronous request tool)
  • ElementUI
  • The MAVON editor is the markdwon editor you see now【Code thief refreshing, better amplification effect!


  • Gin【golang】+Gorm
  • Redis + MySQL [this project uses a lot ofRedisIt is mainly used for caching and message stagingInternet performance tools, fast one force!!! ]
  • Golang related technology stack (go redis, gomail, cron timing task, etc.)

Operation and maintenance

  • The front end and the back end of nginx are separated and deployed [the front end is cross domain through nginx proxy] (there should be a lot of people, ghosts and ghosts who are tossed about by cross domain like me. It’s OK. Biningo will drive you in the back…)

I have to say that the deployment of go is really convenient!! Change to change, deploy if you want to deploy, and stop when you want to stop!!
However, biningo also used a lot of energy to deploy it. The main problem is that there are various bugs to fix, fix, and then upload.
If you think the project is helpful, you can give me a star to encourage you
Thank you for contacting me by email [email protected] Say hello! [to learn from university professors to communicate by e-mail, which makes me professional]

matters needing attention

1. The article in the editing area will be automatically cached. You can click empty to clear it. Otherwise, it will update the last edit

2. The editor can be enlarged and edited more conveniently, and the directory can also be modified directly in the editing area

3. There is no judgment on the empty operation of the article, so please note that the empty article and the article without title can also be saved, [but I believe you should not be so tired]

4. The image of the article is uploaded to qiniuyun, and then the image is linked to markdwon. [PS: qiniu cloud also needs money. Let’s try the effect and pass one or two, after all, it’s all traffic]

5. Delete is recursive deletion, if you delete the directory, then all the following articles will be deleted, and can not be recovered. If you just delete a single article, the directory is still there, then you can go to the recycle bin to restore the article, if the recycle bin all articles empty, that is permanent deletion!

6. The directory operation will also be cached to facilitate the next entry to the directory you operated on last time

7. New articles can be created in the directory area, or you can clear the previous cache in the editing area, and then write new articles. Selecting a directory will stop the creation of new articles to the corresponding directory.

8. To view the article, you can click the title of the article directly. To exit, click X or pressESCShortcut key, this editor can also operate shortcut key, please check https://github.com/hinesboy/mavonEditor/blob/master/README.md

9. The management interface supports the downloading of markdwon files. Batch downloading is too cumbersome and has not been realized. Only the markdown text is downloaded, which is convenient for moving and permanent saving of articles.

10. I can’t think of it for a while. Er, er

What should be told must be told, don’t you?

If you want to change your own use, you can also contact me, I will teach you the deployment method. No more than 10 minutes can be deployed successfully, with a personal cloud notes! Excited or not? Is it irritating?

I also hope that you can take more notes, good memory is not as good as bad keyboard, at the same time, I also deployed a self use Oh

Last words

I sincerely hope that every coder can fulfill his dream, and I hope your efforts will be rewarded! come on.

My name isbiningoIt’s useful,A star, a traditional Chinese virtueYou don’t want to whore with me for nothing, do you

Front end address: https://github.com/biningo/note-vue
Back end address: https://github.com/biningo/note-gin

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