A new childhood fairy tale [243] stray cat 71 — smart sweet mouse


A full-bodied person must be honest. His heart is rich enough not to hide his shortcomings, but also enough self-esteem to disdain blind obedience or belittle himself.

“Ah… It’s coming out, it’s coming out… Xiaohua, come on, you take the left, I’ll take the right!”

Sooner or later, the sun became an inspiration, made a strategic deployment quickly, and took action quickly.

Even if it was limping, Xiaohua obeyed the command and ran a few more steps, and her limbs quickly became flexible.

A chasing game of cat, mouse and rabbit began to be staged in a corner of the yellow and green grassland.

With its petite and flexible posture, the fragrant mouse quickly shuttles through the grass, and its hair color close to the withered grass, trying to hide itself in the place with many yellow grass.

The sun’s vigorous posture closely chased the fragrant mouse, and shouted: “stop, little fragrant mouse, you can’t run today. I have help. Please disarm and surrender!”

Floret kept stirring her nose and chasing the smell of fragrant mouse in the air.

Xiaohua doesn’t know why she has this behavior. It seems that seeing the fragrant mouse has stimulated some potential in her body.

Her sharp claws stretch flexibly and firmly grasp the ground. She takes off, grabs the ground and takes off. She tries to smell the smell in the air.

“Xiaohua, run faster! Come on… He’s running away from you!”

The sun shouted anxiously, not forgetting to continue to threaten the target of pursuit, “lemouse Lele, I know it’s you. I recognize you. Even though you look almost the same as your twin sister, you are not as smart as it. You can’t escape!”

The hooded running fragrant mouse ignored the sun. One grass crenel ran to another grass and didn’t forget to turn back and make a provocative face to the sun.

“I tell you, silly mouse, you’re dead today. I won’t put you in a cage no matter how I beg for mercy. I’ll make up a cage to lock you up so that you can hardly run any more!” Seeing the ghost face of the fragrant rat, the sun was so angry that it made a big fire.

A long time later, the game of pursuit continued, but it changed from being alive to surviving.

“Hoo Hoo… I… I will… I will… Catch you… Out of breath” said the sun, trying to command the limbs that gradually don’t listen to the command.

“Madam… Sun… Or… Shall we… Come back tomorrow?” Floret is about to collapse.

“Two, two, two… And I’m so hungry… Xiaohua screamed with collapse.

“Hoo Hoo…” the sun stopped and tried to take a deep breath. “I’m hungry, too…”

“Ha ha… Ha ha… Ha ha…”


Two happy laughter suddenly appeared.

I saw two identical fragrant rats looking at the sun and floret in the East and West, smiling happily.

Seeing the two fragrant mice, the little flower and the sun, I realized that they were played by the fragrant mice brother and sister today······

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