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I wonder if you’ve ever met such a thing? When the Internet is booming, suddenly the IE window keeps opening, until the resource is exhausted and crashes? Recently, the author of the Internet soon, the computer has been crazy to open IE window, resulting in excessive system memory and crash. Although I use ie   6, and a virus firewall protection, but still in the move.  
  After consulting the information, I found out that I was infected by the script virus. In fact, it’s something called “WSH” that’s playing tricks. The execution of script virus cannot do without WSH. WSH full name “windows”   Scripting   “Host” is a script interpretation mechanism based on 32-bit windows platform and independent of language provided by Microsoft. It enables scripts to run directly under Windows desktop or command prompt. Wscript.exe, the program corresponding to WSH, is a script language interpreter, which is located in the folder where windows is located. Most systems will have WSH after default installation. It is because it makes the script can be executed, and therefore provides a way for the spread of script virus.  

  WSH originally allows system administrators to configure the desktop environment and system services to achieve minimal management. So for the vast majority of ordinary users, and not much use, therefore, as long as the Uninstall can prevent malicious virus intrusion!  

  The specific method is as follows: in windows   98 (or windows)   NT   Open [my computer] → [control panel] → [add / Remove Programs], select “windows setup”, and then double-click the “attachment” option to pop up the window. The windows   Scripting   Remove the “host” check box, and then click [OK] twice to unload it. The author will be unloaded after the Internet, never encountered malicious code, it seems to be very effective!  

  In addition, there are some common methods to prevent malicious scripts  

    1.   You can open “my computer” and click [view] → [folder options] → [file type] in turn to delete all operations for script files with Suffix “VBS, VBE, JS, JSE, WSH, WSF” in the file type. So these files won’t be executed.  

    2.   In IE settings, ActiveX plug-ins and controls as well as Java related are all banned, which can also avoid some malicious code attacks. The method is: open IE, click [tools] → [Internet Options] → [security] → [custom level], and in the “security settings” dialog box, disable all ActiveX plug-ins and controls and Java related components. However, after doing so, we can’t enjoy some exquisite webpages.  

    3.   Upgrade the system and IE in time and patch them. Choose a good anti-virus software and do a good job of timely upgrade, do not easily go to browse some unknown website. In this way, most of the malicious code will be rejected by us.  

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