A magic Bi software, so born! ——Smartbi


In 2011, Southeast RONGTONG, which once occupied half of the financial IT field and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was delisted for some reason. At that time, Wu Huafu, who was engaged in Bi product research and development in Southeast RONGTONG, led the original technical backbone to set up smartbi.

Since its establishment, smartbi has experienced the independent development of state-owned assets holding and MBO, and its growth rate has been stable. It has continued to plough deep into the financial field, serving many large national banks, and is committed to providing customers with business intelligence (BI) services including data processing, analysis and visualization.

Currently, smartbi has three standardized products, includingEnterprise report platform, self-service analysis platform, data mining platform.

Enterprise report platform insight is a tool software for designing enterprise web report with the help of Excel plug-in. Aiming at the common needs of report making in enterprises, users are allowed to perform data preparation, style design, data calculation, data visualization, interactive logic, sharing and publishing in Excel, which combines the dual advantages of Excel and traditional report software, and improves the efficiency and ability of report making.

Self-Analysis Platform Eagle provides self-service data analysis tools for business personnel in enterprises, freeing it personnel from tedious technical response to business personnel’s analysis needs. Through data query, OLAP analysis, visual exploration and other core capabilities, it shortens the time cycle between business personnel’s requirements and analysis results.

Aiming at the predictive analysis needs of data scientists, business analysts, industry consultants and other functional personnel in enterprises, mining, a data mining platform, combines machine learning algorithm with Bi, and provides a visual modeling interface of flow modeling and drag and drop operation. Based onBI productsSmartbi currently serves a wide range of customers, including banking, insurance, securities, funds, trust, mutual fund and other pan financial fields, energy, manufacturing, communication, retail, real estate, transportation, science and technology and other real economy fields, as well as governments and universities at all levels. Its main application scenarios cover sales, finance, production, operation and other business departments.

In addition, smartbi has built a cloud data analysis platform, intelligent analysis cloud platform.

Smartbi cloud is a new generation of cloud data analysis platform based on Simai data analysis software. It provides powerful functions such as data portal, application store, excel fusion analysis, MPP cache and so on. It helps you build data analysis applications by yourself and quickly, release data productivity and promote enterprise digital operation. It is a self-service analysis cloud platform for business users. As long as you know excel, you can get rid of the shackles and analyze freely, so that everyone can be a data analyst.

A magic Bi software, so born! ——Smartbi

Smartbi is a leading Bi manufacturer in China, and its products are positioned as one-stop big data service platform. Smartbi products are designed with comprehensive functions, and enterprises only need to install and deploy them onceChinese style complex report, self-service Bi, and data mining products have good performance, ease of use and security, and are widely used in finance, government, telecommunications, enterprises and other fields.