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There’s a problem that can’t be solved by experts. I don’t know where to change! expect

Asp+ajax autocompant ASP full demo

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Page turning and other extended functions are being improved

Copy codeThe codes are as follows:
For example, new capxous AutoComplete(“wiki”, function() { 
                return “autocomplete3.asp?typing=” + escape(this.text.value); 

Then accept values in ASP
typing =trim(Request.QueryString(“typing”)) 
Then query
Set Rs=Conn.ExeCute(“SELECT YGBH,DW,YGXM FROM wuhen_t_yg WHERE ygxm LIKE ‘%”&typing&”%’ ORDER BY ygbh DESC”) 

The problem is that the query can accept the input value in the address column, but Ajax cannot return the value \

Copy codeThe codes are as follows:
<script language=”javascript” runat=”server”> 
function decode(str) { 
        return unescape(str); 

typing =decode(trim(Request.QueryString(“typing”)))