A humble day for an Internet “worker”


Hello, everyone. I’m Anjou, a worker. good morning! Workers!

Today is the annual programmer’s day, but God made a joke on us,2020-1024=996。 What is implied, but there seems to be no way. In addition, I don’t know if you have been swiped by the quotations of “migrant workers” recently, but I have experienced it.

"Migrant workers"In fact, it means"Wage earners" "Social animal"Something like that, but,company's slavesIt seems inhuman;Wage earnersAnd he was very humble;

andMigrant workersThis is not the same addressThe pursuit is revealed in the ordinary, inTry to show stubbornness in humiliationAlthough there is no money, there is stillbe neither humble nor pushyThe etiquette of.

So all of a sudden, I realized that I was also a glorious worker. So today, I’d like to share my day as a humble employee at the bottom of the Internet.

9: 10 get up

If it is morning before nine o’clock, then Internet workers are doomed to have no morning. Because of the company’s flexible working hours, it’s already more than nine o’clock when you basically open your eyes.

Of course, except for a few times I was woken up by the sweet words of my grandparents downstairs, and I was awakened by the noise of drilling holes in the next room.

In fact, if you are bold and quick, you can even get up at 10 o’clock. However, this kind of operation is too risky and novices are not recommended to try it.

The process of getting up is not easy, but as one of the employees, how can we admit defeat. I usually connect the Bluetooth speaker to play a battle song before I get up, otherwise I can’t break the seal of the bed.

With the exciting music, I feel every step of getting up is like going to the battlefield. When I open the curtain and wait for the sun to shine through the window, I feel it’s time to work hard. I’m going to work quietly and surprise everyone!

For boys, the process of washing and dressing up is very fast. From the moment when they step out of the room and enter the bathroom, the time is usually no more than 10 minutes.

9: 30 – 9:40

Because I live far away from the company, I need to ride a bike first5minGo to the subway station and then take it20minThe subway on the left and right. It takes about 40 minutes to get to your desk.

Before you go out, you should first wear Bluetooth headset, adjust music, and pass by your parents. Then find a well preserved bike to enjoy your quiet and calm commute to work.

On the subway, I originally intended to deal with readers’ information and questions, but found no one asked me to ask questions. So this precious period of time is usually used for reading or writing articles.

In the past two months, I’ve almost finished reading “three body” and accumulated a lot of ideas. I want to write these ideas into articles, but I find that I don’t have much time.

A good pile of article titles can only be placed intodolistGradually forgotten, and finally crossed out, replaced by a list of requirements andJiraLinks.

10: : 20 – 11:50 short work in the morning

The morning of Internet people is usually very short. After arriving at the company, make a cup of tea or coffee and simply record the dailytodolistAnd then I started to move the bricks.

I don’t like to type code in the morning, because the time is relatively short and my brain is still in the state of initial awakening, which is not suitable for logical thinking.

So I usually use it to write or read documents in the morning. All kinds of requirements documents, technical solutions, etc. will be centralized processing at this time. At the same time, I will sort out my ideas and write them down.

In addition, there is a very important work in the morning, that is, reply to messages and send messages to others. After all, the completion of a requirement or a project is usually completed by multiple relying parties, so you may play the role of urging others or being urged by others.

The plan of the day is in the morning. In the morning, of course, you have to synchronize your work with your teammates, or take the initiative to promote the work of your teammates, so that there will be a clearer goal and schedule in the end of the day.

12: 00 – 14:00 lunch and rest

The company’s lunch is still very rich, usually people will choose to eat buffet or box lunch, or fat meal. After eating, standing in front of the falling glass curtain wall to enjoy the scenery and eliminate food is also a kind of relaxation.

The company has set aside two hours for noon, so you can take a nap during this time. Maybe the feeling of the Internet company is like this. You can have a rest after a short time in the morning. But in fact, they are all preparing for the protracted war in the afternoon.

14: The protracted war in the afternoon of 00-18:50

After a good break at noon, it will usher in a five hour battle in the afternoon. These five hours take up most of the working time of the day and can also be very focused on writing code. I will slowly digest the difficult tasks in this period of time.

Many friends who have not yet worked may wonder what they are doing at work? Are you really writing code all the time? When a programmer is typing the keyboard rapidly, is he writing code fast?

Let’s answer the last question first. When programmers start typing at full speed, there’s a high probability that they’re not writing code.

A lot of probability is between andPMDebate whether a demand is highROI, whether it has the value of online; the maximum probability is to chat with your girlfriend secretly; probably the rate is to write highly repetitive code, such asimportHeader files, etc. There may be a small probability that you are writing documents.

When do programmers start writing code?When his eyes began to dull, his hands began to pull his hair, and his fingers occasionally tapped on the keyboard, he began to write code.

Ha ha, that’s what it is. It’s impossible to keep a very high efficiency for continuous programming in a long afternoon, because programming itself is actually very easy. The difficult thing is to think about the loopholes between the logic in the code and find the context.

So most of the time in the afternoon is inThere are infinite cycles among the movements of looking up at the sky, knocking on the keyboard, drinking water, looking around, scratching ears, and scratching nose。 Thinking for a long time always makes people tired, so you still need to drink more water, and then you can go to the toilet with pay.

In this period of time, in addition to the time of writing code, there will be various meetings, online or offline, in a hurry. Often the time arrangement is full, it is difficult to have fishing time.

18: 50-19:30 dinner

Dinner time is relatively late, because the company is a package of three meals. It is said that it is for the staff to leave work late, so the dinner time is relatively late. Ha ha, I don’t know whether it’s true or not. I only know that at this point, I’m basically hungry.

Every time I threatened to lose weight, but when it was time for dinner, I did. Because I’m really hungry, as expected, the brain consumption is very high.

19: 30 – 21:30, you have to work overtime

In essence, the company is not strictly required to work overtime, but generally will continue to work until 90 o’clock. This is probably the atmosphere of the Internet company. After all, I started to work at more than ten o’clock. I have to work harder at night.

At night, the feeling of exhaustion will begin to show, and the brain can’t move much. At this time, I will generally summarize what I have done today and check the code I wrote to see if there are obvious onesbugAt the same time, make a preliminary plan for what to do the next day.

And then it will take some time to experience the products developed by the Department, of course, mainly brush tiktok and look at Miss sister. Maybe we’ll find one by the waybugWhat about it.

The company’s colleagues generally do not have very important things, will start to work at 90 o’clock, something will be late, the off-duty time may be uncertain.

Because I have to catch the subway, and because my brain is not very good at night, I usually leave at about 9:30. It’ll be a little late if there’s something wrong.

Home at 22:20

The time to get home is almost half past ten. Of course, this is a normal situation. If it is not normal, it will be late.

Before the physical examination, found out a lot of small problems caused by lack of exercise and bad work and rest, so after work in order to exercise, occasionally ride home.

It’s about the ride distance from the company to the home12Km, find a bike sharing in the evening and run all the way back. No one loves headphones.

As soon as I get home, the tiredness of work will sweep over my body in an instant. As soon as the schoolbag is put down and the body lies down, it is probably the most relaxed time of the day.

Usually after a bath, the brain is more clear, will take advantage of this period of time to read and write articles, or think about some life, ha ha.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t make use of my spare time. It takes a long time to get me into a state. So it also makes it very difficult for me to get into the state of writing articles.

Since entering the office, the time for basically writing official account has been squeezed out of fragmented time. But I don’t like this way very much, because the fragmentary time is too short. So it’s hard for me to use it effectively when I go home at night.

But now I’m trying to change. For example, I wrote this article on my mobile phone on the subway and before I go to bed.After all, many inherent obstacles are just excuses, and changing yourself is the most efficient way.

Turn off the lights and go to bed at 00:30

In fact, even if it’s a byte skipping, it’s not forced996So exaggerated. In the company, there has never been a mandatory requirement for the length of working hours. At the same time, the company does not have a clock in system for commuting. Everything depends on self-consciousness.

If the reasonable arrangement of their own work schedule, reasonable arrangement of their own life node, such a life although monotonous, but also very substantial.

As long as I work hard enough, the boss will live the life he wants! Come on, workers!

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