A good place to be alone: no one study room, one’s paradise


Current market challenges and demands

Recently, I went back to the campus to “send warmth” to my silly brother who was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. Finally, I found him in their library. Looking back, I have been away from campus for four or five years. We were afraid to leave our seats halfway during the study room, because the students make complaints about the phenomenon of “occupying seats”. If I dare to leave my seat halfway and leave my things in place, I will sneeze.

A good place to be alone: no one study room, one's paradise

But now the campus is different, intelligent seat selection application, so that students can check the current study room booking anytime and anywhere.

Out of school, want to find a clean place to think about their own problems, is a relatively difficult thing. Impetuous urban life, where is bustling, plus a sound, a hand, on the road, on the bus, in shopping malls, where you can hear the strange voice of the mobile phone, find a quiet place, has become the urgent need of contemporary people.

And the market has also grasped the inner voice of users, and began to launch a variety of off campus study rooms. Open a study room on the corner to provide a quiet environment for those in need. However, compared with the campus study room, there are certain problems, such as:

  1. Publicity problem: unlike the study room on campus, students all know where the study room is. How to let users know about the self-study room on the street is a problem;
  2. The problem of user management: the traditional management method is certainly out of date now, and it needs a more user-friendly management method, which can manage users easily and conveniently, and improve the secondary entry rate of users;
  3. Operation management issues: study room administrator, hardware equipment management, security issues, etc

These problems greatly increase the operation cost and reduce the operation efficiency.

Advantages of self study room

The solution of self-study room can basically solve the above problems perfectly

  1. Mobile app or small program: online promotion, when users search “study room”, let users see their own study room through information flow;
  2. Intelligent Reservation: users can view the current seat reservation in the study room through the reservation panel or mobile app;
  3. Member binding: users can become registered users through mobile app or small program, and bind to become members at the same time. Solve the problem of user management and user re purchase at the same time. Of course, you can also set up points to deeply operate users;
  4. Intelligent access control: through a variety of sensors, perception, linkage and remote control of indoor equipment (intelligent access control, smoke sensors, etc.) in the study room, to ensure the safety of the study room and save operating costs.
  5. Other customized functions.

Solution of graffiti intelligent self study room

If you want to complete the above construction of an unmanned study room, if you “work hard”, it may cost a lot of manpower and material resources. Based on the solution provided by graffiti, the following functions can be directly realized:

  1. Seat duration display and Countdown: in user management, you can directly see the user’s current use status in the background;
  2. Equipment control: intelligent socket, intelligent light control and intelligent door lock can be controlled directly through the background to realize remote switch light / door, etc;
  3. Scene management: set different scenes, such as the closing scene: one click, you can close all the equipment in the self-study room, without personnel to close one by one.

At the same time, based on the development tools provided by graffiti, it can also realize the following functions:

  1. Member login: manage users and customize their rights and interests;
  2. Seat selection and Reservation: users can reserve seats remotely;
  3. Package purchase: for different use, you can choose different packages to meet the personalized needs of users

The following is the scheme architecture provided by graffiti:

A good place to be alone: no one study room, one's paradise

For the solution of self-study room, you can:

  1. Based on the graffiti applet SDK, combined with intelligent socket, intelligent access control and intelligent light control, 24h self-study room can be built;
  2. Users can login through the small program to reserve seats, which is flexible and convenient;
  3. Managers control specific devices through small programs, intelligent and efficient.


The emergence of self-study room, for modern people, especially for social fear, is equivalent to finding a perfect space for thinking alone. You don’t need extra communication, you don’t need to “travel thousands of miles” to find the right place, you just need mobile phone search, you can find a “paradise” in the nearby area, open a book, warm a cup of hot tea, and start your quiet day.