A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!


In April this year, an epidemic plunged everyone and all industries into “I’m too difficult!” The state of, especially for Shanghai, which is still under seal and control, is looking forward to a new energy to wake us up and sweep away the haze brought by the epidemic.

On the evening of April 28, 2022, an epoch-making press conference appeared! At 20 o’clock sharp, 10 seconds after the countdown, a “3D digital man” jumped out of the screen! This is a “special” product launch of observation cloud for all IT engineers in this special period. Special stage, special effect interaction, 3D digital human speech A product launch with the theme of “to all engineers” was officially launched. A product combining the world’s most cutting-edge SRE concept and domestic observability best practices – observation cloud, was officially unveiled!

1、 Directly hit the press conference site, a science and technology feast for it engineers
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
Mr. Jiang shuomiao, founder and CEO of observation cloud, took the lead in explaining “what is the real observable product for engineers”. Then, the members of observation cloud team introduced the nine newly upgraded product functions of 2022 observation cloud, the two strengthened core competencies, the new ecological “AOE” plan and the future vision. The 45 minute product launch, with more than 100000 viewers in the live broadcast room, witnessed the birth of a milestone in the field of observable software in China and the opening of an epoch-making technological change.
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!

With the development of global digital economy and the continuous upgrading of cloud computing technology, the scale of IT infrastructure carrying business is becoming larger and larger, and the link relationship between various applications is becoming more and more complex. Massive logs are generated all the time. In today’s system form, it engineers must ensure the reliability of digital systems, and face increasing difficulties. There are more and more hidden problems in the operation of each system, but they often have a greater and greater impact on the later team.
Jiang shuomiao said: “A business application is composed of so many components. For development engineers, improper use of code or bugs will cause system performance problems and even create faults; for operation and maintenance engineers, they can’t deal with it passively like traditional operation and maintenance. They need to face the user experience and business and effectively track the whole system. Data driven is an important reason for building observability.”
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!

Using traditional single monitoring tools or open source solutions often needs to face the problems of function fragmentation, mutual compatibility, unstable adaptability and difficult to unify the interface. Jiang shuomiao said: “the purpose of creating observation cloud is to help it engineers solve these problems. The goal of observation cloud is to enable each team to easily and simply have the ability to build comprehensive system observability. Establishing the observability of the whole system uniformly is a necessary and sufficient condition for Devops and SRE to be able to land.”
Whether e-commerce, games, social networking, finance, medical or other industries, we can realize unified collection, unified management, unified monitoring, unified observation and unified data application for various technology stacks, development frameworks and business indicators through one platform of observation cloud.

2、 Nine product functions, two core principles and the new AOE ecological plan were unveiled
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
What are the basic functions of an excellent observability product? At the press conference, Cao Xinyu, director of observation cloud products, shared the theme of “overview of the overall capability of observation cloud”, and comprehensively expounded the design principles of one product, one interface and one collector followed by observation cloud products, The nine basic functions including “monitoring alarm”, “index collection”, “anomaly detection”, “event notification”, “availability monitoring”, “user access monitoring”, “security monitoring”, “log analysis” and “application performance monitoring” were displayed and explained in detail, so that the friends watching the live broadcast can fully feel the observable technical value and the charm of observation cloud products.

A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
The observation cloud claims to be updated every two weeks. Under the high-frequency iteration, how to always maintain the stability of its own platform, and what components should be strengthened? Observation cloud CTO Xu Jiqiu brought the answer. He said that cloud observation adheres to two core principles:
1. Fully embrace cloud native and optimize its own architecture. The SLA of observation cloud to customers is above the SLA of the world’s top public cloud.
2. If you want to see people, first see yourself. SaaS between multiple available areas of observation cloud can observe each other. Through its own intelligent patrol inspection and active observation of SRE team, hidden dangers can be found in advance and configuration can be optimized efficiently. Observing the cloud itself is the best practice to ensure the reliability of SaaS platform through observability.
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
In the future, observation cloud will continue to increase R & D investment, improve the ease of use and scalability of self-developed components, and be widely compatible with excellent open source tools under the OTLP protocol of opentelemetric. The three key self-developed components are: one-stop collection engine Datakit, unified query engine DQL, serverless data processing engine dataflux function. Among them, Datakit and function have been open source, and the code is hosted in Jihu gitlab. We hope to contribute more to the development of domestic basic software and grow together with the open source community.

A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
In order to serve engineers, technical communities and business partners well, Cai Wenyu, VP of observation cloud ecology business, announced the “new ecological AOE plan” of observation cloud. Through this “AOE” plan with the theme of advanced, open and efficient, he hopes to unite more like-minded partners to jointly create an ecological environment that supports observable and sustainable innovation and development.
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
Cai Wenyu said: “Observation cloud will continue to be a preacher of domestic observability concept and technology; will provide engineers with an open and high-quality communication and cooperation platform; will actively listen to users’ suggestions and feedback, release users’ creativity and make products more vitality; will adhere to open cooperation and enter various industries in the form of more joint solutions; will serve agents well, simplify business docking of agents and build technical services together Service network. Everything is to offer better products and better gifts to it engineers! “
A gift for it engineers, observation cloud 2022 is officially released!
Subsequently, CEO Jiang shuomiao appeared again and revealed several important upgrade plans for cloud observation in the short term after the press conference:
At the end of April, the community version will be released (it has been released as of press time), and users can test and observe the cloud deployment version for free;
At the end of April, the CI visualization function was opened (it has been released as of the press release) to help development engineers track the running status of the code more clearly;
In early May, the real-time profiling function was further launched to view the stack information and memory occupation when the program was running;
In June, the intelligent inspection function was launched. Based on the basic data model, the algorithm can scan the system regularly to intelligently warn potential risks;
In June, the intelligent patrol inspection development platform was opened synchronously to facilitate engineers to customize the intelligent patrol inspection capability according to their own needs.

Finally, the closing speech: “A smart team will observe, which is my biggest feeling as an engineer and technology manager. I also take this sentence as the slogan of our products. A mature technology team should master the method of analyzing problems from the perspective of data. Observation cloud hopes to help China’s technology teams quickly have relevant capabilities and make every technology team smarter because of data!”

We look forward to meeting better observation clouds together at the 2023 observation cloud product launch.

Observe the future, observe the clouds and move forward with the wind!

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