A free interview with millions of people


A free interview with millions of people

The title at the beginning was not called this, but an interview with “million year salary agile coach.”. I still like the present one after examining several titles. Because I am also a million year salary now! So let’s take a look at the secret between two million people.

Wavelet lie

Li Xiaobo, senior agile coach, senior trainer of extreme programming college, freelancer, father of three children. “Become a million year salary agile coach” knowledge planet ball owner.


Self discipline, family love, success, altruism

Freelance interview

Why do you think of the label “million annual salary”

Q (Bob): why do you think of the label “million annual salary”?
A (Li Xiaobo): after becoming a free worker, there is no stable salary, so I will record my income, including the income of knowledge planet. In the first year of freelance work, 179 days, the total income is 1.03 million (Wow! Congratulations to Xiaobo Laoxi)

Q (Bob): what are the main contents of your knowledge planet?
A (Li Xiaobo): I will record my professional experience and answer the puzzles and problems in agile for my partners on the planet. Welcome to become a million year salary agile coach

Q (Bob): can you tell me something about ThoughtWorks?
A (Li Xiaobo): in community activities, many sharers (such as Wang Yu, Qiao Liang, Qian an Chuan, etc.) come from the same company (TW). So I was very curious about what kind of company it was. Could I join it? After a tortuous interview in 2015, I successfully joined the company. Later, after leaving the business for a period of time, he joined TW as a trainer again. During this time of TW, personal growth was great.

Q (Bob): just now you mentioned the community. Can you talk about the (Agile) community’s help to you?
A (Li Xiaobo): it can be said that the community has completely transformed me. From personal, circle of friends, life and work. (Xiaobo Laoxi’s evaluation of the community is very high.) at the beginning of my work, I was just a team leader. Under the influence of Bob, I took part in the organization of agile tour and RSG, and slowly began to speak in the community to generate influence.

Key point 1: the growth path of Xiaobo Laoxi’s freelancer: team leader → participate in (Agile) community (organizer work) – > speech, produce more influence → become a freelancer.

How to participate in agile community organization?Contact Bob Jiang privately

Q (Bob): can you give some advice to friends who want to be freelancers?
A (Li Xiaobo): becoming a freelancer can be two key steps: 1. Develop training (or speaking) ability in your field of expertise, so that you can easily switch tracks; 2. Participate in the community and pay attention to the channel companies (mostly training companies) in the community.

Key point 2: community is king


Li Xiaobo, Xiaobo Laoxi, is a very self disciplined person. So in the end, Xiaobo Laoxi gave you a sentence:

Self discipline brings self-confidence, self-confidence leads to freedom!

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