A detailed explanation of the differences between Perl and strawberry Perl and ActivePerl


Perl is the abbreviation of practical extraction and report language “practical report extraction language”.

Application of activestateperl and strawberry PERL on Windows platformcompiler

Perl   The relationship between the latter two is that C language and Linux system have their own GCC.

The biggest difference between activestate Perl and strawberry Perl is that strawberry Perl contains more modules in cpan, so the installation file downloaded by strawberry Perl is more than 80 m, while activestate Perl is only about 20 m.

ActiveState   Perl: activestate provides afreeCommunity version and onebusinessPerl supported for binary distribution of Win32 and Perl.

Strawberry Perl: 100% for windowsOpen SourcePerl, using modules from cpan does not require binary packages.

ActivePerl includes four sets of development tools and programs:

Perl for Win32、Perl for ISAPI、PerlScript、Perl Package Manager

It allows users to write CGI programs suitable for UNIX, windows and Linux systems.
Use Perl package manager to manage the package ppm install xxx.ppd

Perl compilers are installed by default on both UNIX and Mac OS X systems.

Can passperl -v Command to view the installed version.

Another common on windows is cygwin’s Perl.

Conclusion: I know I don’t understand the difference after coming here

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