A detailed explanation of goroutine in go language learning


What is goroutine?

Goroutine is a lightweight abstraction built on top of threads. It allows us to execute multiple functions or methods in parallel in the same address space at a very low cost. Compared with thread, the cost of its creation and destruction is much less, and its scheduling is independent of the thread. It is very simple to create a goroutine in golang. You can use the “go” keyword:

package mainimport ( “fmt” “time”)func learning() { fmt.Println(“My first goroutine”)}func main() { go learning() /* we are using time sleep so that the main program does not terminate before the execution of goroutine.*/ time.Sleep(1 * time.Second) fmt.Println(“main function”)}

The output of this code is like this:

My first goroutinemain function

If you remove sleep, the output will become:

main function

This is because, like threads, the main function of golang (which actually runs in a goroutine) does not wait for other goroutines to finish. If the main goroutine ends, all other goroutines will end.

Let’s take a look at goroutine in go language learning.



  • Lightweight “thread”
  • Non preemptive multi task processing, in which coprocessor takes the initiative to hand over control
  • Compiler / interpreter / virtual machine level multitasking, non operating system
  • Multiple coroutines can be executed on one or more threads

Go keyword opens a coroutine

func main() {
  for i := 0; i < 10; i++ {
    go func(i int) {
      for {

Possible switching point of goroutine (transfer of control)

  • I/O,select
  • channel
  • Waiting for lock
  • Function call (sometimes)
  • routime.Goshed()
  • It’s just a reference. It can’t guarantee the switch or not switch in other places


The above is a detailed introduction of goroutine in go language learning. I hope it will help you!

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