A credible meta cosmic social system from the perspective of seven friends


What’s a business card? The business card is the carrier of your first impression and a sharp weapon for you to establish friendship, achieve business and show yourself. It is also another way of marketing yourself. Whether you work hard in the mall or walk in the secular world, you need to communicate all the time, so you need a business card that belongs to you alone. Qipengyuan’s scene based business cards can be customized according to the time of the scene and different identities. They can condense the essence of information, convey the friendship of business friends, and meet each other’s needs, achievements and life in cooperation.
Qipengyuan horizon innovated and launched the trusted meta universe social system, inherited the successful experience of other social platforms, and built a variety of chat modes such as ordinary chat, private chat, contract chat and forwarding authorization chat to meet the diversified chat needs. Ordinary chat can meet the daily social needs, which is simple and convenient; Private chat protects the privacy of messages and burns them immediately after reading; Contract chat enables messages to be linked and stored, which can be checked at any time; Authorized chat allows you no longer to worry about others forwarding your messages without your permission, and your rights and interests are controllable; Unlimited message recall allows you to reshape information and data.
Qipeng is committed to building a diverse scene community to help users achieve a colorful social life. Qipengyuan vision is a tool for the whole people to jointly build and share the industrial platform of digital economy. It is committed to letting everyone give full play to their value and become a bright star in the universe.