A comparative analysis of six theme frameworks of WordPress


These standardized codes contain some basic structural framework, which you only need to fill according to your own needs, and you need to adjust some configurations if possible.

Whether you use your own framework or some of the prefabricated frameworks listed below in this article, the core is that you don’t need to write the same basic code again and again. It’s like writing music score. You have already drawn lines on paper. You just need to mark all scales on it.

All of the frameworks listed in this article are completely free and available to individual or business users.

Child Themes

One of the benefits of using frameworks is that you can create sub themes. WordPress subthemes inherit all the features of your chosen parent frame. They generally contain only two files: style.css, functions.php, and other graphic folders, script folders, sub themes and other necessary folders.

To create a sub theme, just upload the parent frame to the WP content / themes directory, and then start creating your CSS file with the following code. Note: the framework name must match the name of the parent framework folder.


Theme Name: Name

Theme URI: http://themesite.com

Description: A description of your theme goes here

Author: Author Name

Author URI: http://authorsite.com/

Template: Framework Name

Version: 1.0



ThematicIt is a free, open-source and highly extended WordPress Theme Framework optimized by search engine, with 13 independent widget areas, grid based layout, support for many popular plug-ins, and get the support of the whole WordPress community. Great for junior bloggers and WordPress development professionals.

If you want to enrich the theme function, the thematic framework will be a good choice for you. At present, there are many users using this framework. But because there are many extra functions and built-in things, it takes time to learn the mathematical. Once you get used to it and master it, you will find that everything is in your control. What’s more, there are many experts in this community who will help you. You can rest assured.

Thematic features

Comprehensive search engine optimization

Include a sample WordPress subtheme for easy development.

Support WordPress plug-ins such as subscribe to comments, WP pagenavi, and comment license.

Fully compatible with all in one SEO and platinum seo search engine optimization plug-ins.

Multi choice, easy to implement two column, three column layout.

Modular CSS has preset and basic board.

Dynamic publishing and text type are the best choice for CSS users.

Editable footer text – the creator of a topic can be removed without harm.

Suitable for multi author blog.


Ease of use: 2 / 5

GPL license: Yes

Strength: 4 / 5

Widget area: 13

Document: 5 / 5


HybridA user-friendly, search engine optimization theme framework. There are 18 custom page templates and 9 independent tool areas, which can let you play to your heart’s content and create the website you want to create.

If you want to talk about the support of the community behind it, the number of people who support the hybrid framework is quite large. You can find very senior tutorials and documents to help you. Want all kinds of functions? It can also be implemented on the hybrid. It has great flexibility and can adapt to any type of website. Hybrid is another popular WordPress framework.


Hybrid characteristics

Search engine optimization.

Content Print CSS file.

14 custom page templates.

Advanced action and filter hooks.

Basic theme and footer settings.

More than 20 language packs.


Ease of use: 2 / 5

GPL license: Yes

Strength: 5 / 5

Widget area: 9

Document: 5 / 5

WP Framework

WP FrameworkIt was created to reduce WordPress theme development time. It provides frequently used features. When you start a new WordPress project, by using the WP framework, you have set up basic functions for you. You don’t need to do tedious work such as creating loops or rebuilding all standard template files.

Let’s take a look at the WP framework. It’s a weird name, isn’t it? In short, the WP framework brings back the most basic things, not as many complex elements as other frameworks. Although these complex factors are usually related to your customization.

WP framework features

Search engine optimization.

Including module CSS (reset.css, base.css, screen. CSS).

Favicon and iPhone Webclip placeholder images.

Basic printing. CSS style, can print web files.

Enable jQuery + screen.js (an empty. JS file is pre installed).

Three layout styles.


Ease of use: 4 / 5

GPL license: Yes

Strength: 3 / 5

Widget area: 1

Document: 4 / 5

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