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update:VNote half a year old

Markdown markup language has always been a favorite of many programmers. At present, there are many excellent markdown editors and note taking software, but there are few note taking software that can support markdown and provide excellent editing experience.

I used to take notes for knowledge, support markdown, and support Linux. But all the used estimates will be hurt by the experience of markdown. To know that notes are not written in plain text to edit markdown, but in HTML, so the format is often confusing. In addition, when editing, it is difficult to view the outline and jump to a certain place in the notes. I’ve also used some markdown editors, many of which support real-time preview, but I feel like this still separates markdown editing from preview. Later, we used VIM with syntax highlighting to edit markdown files for a period of time, and found that the experience was still good. With proper syntax highlighting, the author could easily see each title paragraph, emphasis, etc. when writing. But there was a problem, VIM could not display the picture.

So, I got the idea of writing a markdown Notes software. I hope to minimize the separation between markdown’s inherent editing and reading through carefully adjusted grammar highlighting, preview pictures during editing and other functions. In the beginning, we planned to be compatible with the server of Zhizhi notes and use multiple clients of Zhizhi notes. But later, we changed the service policy for Zhizhi notes, so the idea stopped.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

brief introduction

VNoteIt is a free open-source note software based on QT framework. VNote focuses on markdown’s editing and reading, aiming to provide a comfortable editing experience.

Based on QT framework, vNote can run on mainstream operating systems, includingLinux,WindowsAnd MacOS (not tested). Android client is currently under development. Please wait.


Markdown editor and note management

VNote is designed as a markdown editor with note management function, or a note software with good markdown support.

At present, some popular note software also provides markdown support, such as Zhizhi note, Youdao cloud note, etc., but most of them are just simple (SHAO) single (Yu) holding (Wu), especially on the Linux platform, can (BU) testing (ren) not good (DU).

Of course, there are many very powerful editors focusing on markdown. However, most don’t provide note management (as an editor, it’s not necessary), or just a simple file system browser. Cutemarked is one of the popular markdown editors, and vNote also refers to the software in many places during the implementation.

Comfortable markdown experience

VNote tries to minimize markdown’s inherent sense of separation between editing and reading. At present, many editors edit and preview markdown through the left and right columns at the same time, but the editing and reading are still separated obviously. VNote uses accurate and meaningful syntax highlighting to help users track and identify notes, so that markdown can provide good visual and typesetting effects as well as reading when editing. At the same time, vNote supports previewing pictures in situ during editing, further reducing the sense of fragmentation. After using vNote, you will definitely want to stay in editing mode.

In addition, vNote also uses vim and shell for reference to provide many very convenient and efficient shortcut keys. VNote does not provide a real VIM mode at present, because unlike writing code, users usually write notes in order when editing.


Notebook based management

VNote uses notebooks to manage notes. Like OneNote, a notebook can be saved anywhere on the system. A notebook corresponds to the concept of an account. For example, you can have a notebook on your local file system and another notebook on an owncloud server. When different notes have different confidentiality requirements, independent notebooks are very suitable.

A notebook corresponds to a separate and complete folder on the file system. You can copy the folder to another location (or another computer) and import it into vNote.

VNote supports unlimited levels of folders in a notebook. VNote supports copying or cutting folders and notes within or between notebooks.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Intuitive note management

All notes are saved as plain text and managed through a plain text configuration file. Even without vNote, you can easily access your data. In this way, you can also use a third-party file synchronization service to synchronize your notes and import them into vNote on another computer.

VNote supports markdown and rich text notes, where markdown notes must have the suffix MD.

Minimize the gap between editing and reading

By using meaningful syntax highlighting and other features, vNote provides markdown with a WYSIWYG experience as much as possible.

Syntax highlighting

VNote supports precise markdown syntax highlighting. VNote makes it easy to track and read your documents through carefully tuned highlighting styles.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Live picture preview

VNote supports previewing picture links while editing. This way, you can stay in edit mode as much as possible and avoid frequent switching.

If you want to copy a picture, you can select it and then copy it.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Good picture experience

When editing, it supports pasting and inserting pictures directly like other rich text editors. VNote will help you manage the inserted pictures. VNote saves these pictures in the images subdirectory under the same directory as the notes. When inserting a picture, vNote will pop up a window to preview the picture to be inserted. In addition, when you remove the picture link in the note, vNote will automatically delete the corresponding picture.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Interactive outliner for editing and reading

VNote iseditandpreviewPatterns provide a user-friendly outline view. The outliner is a project tree, rather than simply inserting a piece of HTML.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Synchronous editing and reading mode

Can’t find the original position after switching to edit or read mode? After switching to edit or read mode, vNote will navigate to the same section below to help you quickly navigate to the original location.

Powerful shortcut key

VNote provides many shortcut keys to provide a pleasant editing experience.

Some examples:

  • Ctrl+WEnter editing mode;Ctrl+RSave and enter reading mode;Ctrl+EMaximize the editing area;

  • Ctrl+DEnter temporary VIM mode (such as supporthjklMove cursor);

  • Ctrl+B,Ctrl+I,Ctrl+OInsert bold, italics, and inline code.

Window segmentation

VNote supports infinite horizontal window segmentation, which is convenient for you to organize and write notes.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote

Highly customizable

In vNote, almost all of them can be customized, such as background color, font and markdown style. VNote uses a plain text file to record all your configurations, so by copying the file, you can quickly initialize a new vNote on another computer.

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote


VNote also supports many other functions, such as:

  • Highlight the current line;

  • Highlight the selected text;

  • Powerful in page search;

A comfortable markdown Notes software -- vNote


Welcome to try:). If you have any questions, you can use GitHub’s issue or QQ group(487756074)Or email feedback.

At present, vNote is in the continuous development stage, mainly improving and adding functions according to its own experience. The project address is GitHub.

There are many things that vNote needs to improve, such as adding cloud synchronization services, importing and exporting. I’ve been using vNote heavily so far, and syncing through owncloud has largely replaced knowing notes. Next, we should launch Android client, because the current Youdao cloud is not suitable for my taste, and Weizhi notes are also on the way of charging.

I hope you like vNote! You can share some experience and views on markdown, notes, synchronization, etc.

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