A bitcoin client written to play


A bitcoin client written to play, the code is not complex, easy to understand bitcoin.
Project address:https://github.com/jiangleo/b…


Reading books is a good way to learn bitcoin, but without the help of code, it is difficult to understand how bitcoin is implemented. Therefore, I want to read the code implementation.

When reading bitcoin core using C + + client, its environment and debugging are really troublesome for me. I can’t understand the code.
Later, I found a complete bitcoin client written in JS, so I decided to use it to study the bitcoin source code to help me understand bitcoin.

Environmental Science

  1. Build nodejs environmenthttps://nodejs.org/zh-cn/
  2. Download warehouse
$ git clone https://github.com/jiangleo/bitcoin.git
  1. Start project
$ cd bitcoin
$ npm install
$ node index.js

Reference documents:

Master bitcoin (2nd Edition) Chapter 4 key and address


Source code study class of blockchain workshop Jiang Hongwei