A beautiful windows CMD command line tool cmder


The CMD command line tool in windows is a little ugly. Today we introduce a nice CMD command line tool cmder. Including running IPython to operate Python scripts in it is also quite beautiful.


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You can see the installed effect


Since the download address provided by the official website of cmder is too slow to download, you can download it from the mirror station of Tsinghua University.


Download the cmder version with git or the cmder without GIT_ Mini version



Download the cmder version with git or the cmder without GIT_ Mini version, which can be started directly after decompression.


Through cmder Exe starts the cmder command line window

Change the default prompt of the command line to $, and first open the following file to modify the code block.


Open clink Lua file, modify the prompt symbol of the code line here to $.


Open the cmder, switch to the installation path, execute the command, and add the cmder to the shortcut of the right mouse button




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