945 ship steel plate


Standard implementation of 945 warship steel plate: gjb5537-2006
Rolling range of steel plate thickness: 3-32mm (beyond this range, it is non-standard)
The main grades of Chinese warship steel plate are 901, 902, 903, 921A, 922a, 923a, EH36, l907a, 945, 925a, 917 low magnetic ship steel
Gao Gao steel
945 ship steel: (1) high yield strength
945 ship steel: (2) high toughness and high antiknock performance.
945 ship steel: (3) good weldability.
945 warship steel: (4) good seawater corrosion resistance.
945 ship steel: (5) low cycle fatigue resistance.
945 ship steel plate
In modern war, ships will inevitably be affected by contact or non-contact blast waves from the air or water, as well as dynamic loads such as impact of hard objects such as ice block and impact of aircraft carrier caused by wave slamming.
Therefore, it is of great significance to study the dynamic response of ships, shipborne devices and equipment for improving their anti explosion ability, reliability and anti dynamic design.
The development of these works is inseparable from the dynamic mechanical properties of materials.
945 steel, as a ship material developed by our country, has been successfully used in the construction of a certain ship.