9 questions about the soul of starrocks’ dispute over “true, false and open source”


Yesterday, an article entitled“Starrocks open source – join hands in the future, the stars and the seaThe official account of the public issue has caused great controversy in the open source circle.

This article, in the form of an open letter, described various difficulties and challenges faced by the current data analysis framework to “big data practitioners”, and then announced“Upgrade the core product dorisdb to starrocks, fully open source (GitHub searches’ starrocks’) and build a new generation of fast and unified data analysis architecture with global big data practitioners!”In this article, a group of big men from big factories endorsed their platform in the form of video.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

However, this article not only did not gain a favorable opinion for starrocks (formerly dorisdb), but caused “public anger” in the open source circle.

Just now, Apache Doris, who has been silent for a day, also issued the latest statement.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

Original link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QnJ6LFaMOpLasdRpFzGFJA

Apache Doris answered the questions about “the relationship between Apache Doris and dorisdb, starrocks” and “the reasons for community differentiation”, and made a statement on the “renaming” and “open source” of starrocks.

Apache Doris said that because starrocks chose the elastic open source license agreement, OSI did not recognize it at all. “OSI identified it as a ‘pseudo open source agreement’, which is called ‘source code availability’ at best”.“I wish everything well in the future. No matter how high starrocks flies, they also stand on the shoulders of giants.”.

The segmentfault Sifu technical editing team tracked the development of the situation for the first time, interviewed Wu Sheng, the mentor of Apache incubator, collected relevant data and investigated the existing disputes. And put forward the matter to starrocks teamSoul 9: starrocks, what do you think of these questions?

Question 1: does the dorisdb brand name infringe the rights and interests of Apache Software Foundation and the real reason behind the renaming of starrocks?

Referring to StarRocks, it has to mention its “DorisDB”, and check the main information of the official account of StarRocks. It can be found that its official account was registered on 07 2020, 29, and was registered as DorisDB, renamed and certified StarRocks.

For a long time in the past, Dingshi company used dorisdb’s brand for marketing and promotion. However, we learned that when Apache Doris was donated to Apache Software Foundation as an open source project, it was clear in its software license agreement that Doris brand and its corresponding copyright, logo and trademark were donated to the foundation. The foundation also clearly stipulates that any third-party company shall not use Apache and its project name for the brand of any third-party commercial company. soDorisdb is a brand name that obviously infringes upon the rights and interests of the Apache Software Foundation.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

It is understood that,As the donor of Apache Doris, Baidu, Jiang Ning, the mentor of Apache Doris project, and Wu Sheng, the mentor of Apache incubator, have repeatedly directly or indirectly dissuaded Dingshi company and contacted its investors to dissuade without results.

This renaming is not the so-called “brand upgrading” in its public relations article, but a helpless move under the pressure of all parties. But looking at the full text,We have never seen Dingshi’s repentance and apology for the long-term infringement, avoided the facts and made a very high profile.

Second question: is starrocks the “cottage” project of fork Apache Doris?

If the infringement uses the brand name of Apache Doris, is starrocks related to Apache Doris at the technical level? The answer is yes.

Although the term “Shanzhai” is not accurate, starrocks is undoubtedly the fork version of Apache Doris. In its code, the code of Apache Doris and the Apache license are retained. In its project statement, it is also clear that its project originates from Apache Doris.This was not mentioned in starrocks’s open source announcement.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

Third question: how much did Dingshi contribute to Apache Doris?

According to the number of commitments on GitHub, the top 20 contributions of Apache Doris project in the last year are:

  1. Moringman (Chen Mingyu Baidu)
  2. Yangzhg (Yang Zhengguo Baidu)
  3. Happenlee (Li haopeng Baidu)
  4. Stdpin (Feng haoeucalyptus – former Baidu, just joined Dingshi a month ago)
  5. Emmymiao87 (Miao Ling Baidu)
  6. Xinghuayu007 (Wang Xixu Xiaomi)
  7. Caiconghui (CAI Conghui Xiaomi)
  8. Weizuo93 (Wei Zuo Xiaomi)
  9. Acelyc111 (Lai Yingchun Xiaomi)
  10. Xy720 (Xu Yang Baidu)
  11. Hf200012 (zhangjiafeng Haidilao)
  12. Liutang123 (Liu Lijia meituan)
  13. Qiye (Qi Jianliang Baidu)
  14. Zouxinyi (Zou Xinyi Baidu)
  15. Huangwei (Huang Wei Xiaomi)
  16. Wanbo (Wang Bo meituan)
  17. Luozenglin (Luo Zhenlin Baidu)
  18. Tingsun (Sun Ting – student)
  19. Pxl (Pan Xiaolei Baidu)
  20. Haotan (Tan Hao – headline)

Except for an engineer who has just left Baidu and joined Dingshi for just one month, we don’t see Dingshi company in this list. It can be said that its contribution to the Apache Doris project can no longer be measured, butDingshi company has completely separated from its contribution to upstream projects and only maintains its fork version and commercial privatization version.

Of course, as a commercial company, we have no right to criticize its non participation or less participation in open source projects. What we criticize is the next problem,It seems that Dingshi has been able to build a close relationship with Apache Doris.

Fourth question: is it deliberately misleading for the public to misunderstand him as an Apache Doris donor or core contributor?

As we all know, Apache Doris is an open source project donated by Baidu to the Apache Software Foundation.

However, in addition to infringing the use of Doris’s brand, we found that Dingshi company also has other acts that may be misleading——By searching “Apache Doris” on the search engine, we can find that Dingshi ranked first by purchasing “keyword advertising”。 In the WeChat official account of StarRocks (formerly DorisDB),Published a large number of articles on Apache Doris technology practice

We encourage them to actively promote open source technology, but thisIs there any hint or guidance behind it? Do you want users to equate dorisdb with Apache Doris? We don’t know.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

The above figure shows Baidu search results on September 9, 2021

In particular, we never criticize commercial software, judge whether you participate in and contribute to open source from the moral level, or oppose any company to commercialize any open source project based on the foundation,The criticism is to deliberately blur the concept in this process, not seeking truth from facts and violating the spirit of open source.

Five questions: true or false, is starrocks open source?

Aside from the above, the core point of starrocks’ article“The core product dorisdb is upgraded to starrocks and is fully open source”It has also been widely questioned in the circle.

According to GitHub’s public information, starrocks is currentlyThe so-called “open source” uses elastic license 2.0。 But the problem is that this is not an OSI certified open source license.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

OSI (Open Source Initiative), an open source promotion organization, is also translated as the open source Promotion Associationhttps://opensource.org/)Is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of open source software. OSI has defined nearly 100 open source protocols, which has become the de facto standard of open source protocols. let me put it another way,Not recognized by OSI is not open source.

In the face of external doubts about the company’s “open source”, starrocks said that the company had made a detailed description on GitHub.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

Starrocks said that open source software companies such as elastic would prefer to work with companies that contribute to the open source community. They use elastic license 2.0 as an open source license, which can ensure that users can continue to use, modify and distribute the source code of starrocks for free, and protect the copyright and trademark of starrocks.

In our opinion, starrocks intends to deliberately confuse the concept on this issue. The original intention of elastic’s modification of the open source agreement is to protect the rights and interests of its original factory and require that it shall not release its own open source and commercial products without contributing to the project. ElasticElastic search is fully copyrightedStarrocks is a completely different situation.

On this point, Apache Doris also replied – starrocks fork’s identity is Apache Doris, which has put the cart before the horse. Does dorisdb feed back to the upstream? This not onlyIt does not abide by the basic upstream first principle and claims to protect the intellectual property rights of starrocks, which is also a very double standard.

*Open source license related links:
StarRocks: https://www.dorisdb.com/en-US…
Elastic License 2.0: https://www.elastic.co/cn/lic… *

Question 6: is the high-profile renaming a touch porcelain marketing, or a trample on open source culture and intellectual property rights?

In fact, this is not the first “open letter” of dorisdb. Previously, dorisdb also published “a letter to Clickhouse users”, which was ironically called “touch porcelain marketing” by the open source circle.

This time, however, dorisdb has changed. It has not only maliciously touched porcelain and improper marketing methods, but also completely ignored intellectual property rights, open source spirit and open source culture. Such wanton trampling is not desirable from the level of Tao or art.

Or low-key renaming, or sincere apology, this is the attitude starrocks should have.

Seven questions: do you know the real situation of bundling “big guys” platform marketing?

Many engineers from Alibaba, Tencent, JD, SF, Xiaomi, Ctrip, xiaohongshu, 58 and other companies in the same city endorsed the starrocks platform in the form of video and expressed their willingness to join the starrocks community to contribute.

It’s normal to support each other in the circle. Officially open source, send a video celebration, turn a public relations manuscript, send a circle of friends… But we want to ask——

Do the bosses know about the various violations of dorisdb?
Did the relevant person in charge of dorisdb explain the truth, or blurred the facts?
If things continue to develop, will it affect the personal credibility of the “big guys”?
Are you looking for a friend’s help or digging a hole for your friend?

Is it really kind of dorisdb to do so?

Q 8: will performance become the core advantage of database commercial companies?

Looking at the recent tweets of starrocks, it is not difficult to find that dorisdb began to frequently compare its performance with Apache Doris.

9 questions about the soul of starrocks' dispute over

In this regard, we interviewed Wu Sheng, director of Apache Software Foundation and mentor of Apache incubator. He said:I never think how strong vitality a commercial company can have if its foothold is only performance。 We have witnessed countless companies doing so-called performance optimization based on Kafka, but in the end, we all know that the only listed company behind Kafka is not commercialized from the perspective of performance.

Mr. Wu Sheng once said in his speech at COSCON’19 China open source Annual Conference: if performance is your only trump card in the competition, you will be killed by the other party in the end, becauseAll performance and indicators can be surpassed by the other party through better innovation, and it will not bring the advantage of rolling grade.

Nine questions: to VC? What kind of business software company is worth being optimistic about?

The wave of basic software has brought domestic open source fever. The huge financing of open source commercial companies has repeatedly made headlines. Slowly, some companies with “fake open source, rub hot spots, brush data and to VC” have appeared in the capital market. We can’t help asking – what is a promising commercial software company?

Mr. Wu Sheng gave his answer——Legal compliance, clear intellectual property rights, and customers are willing to pay. As for open source or closed source, it doesn’t matter.

Special thanks to Mr. Wu Sheng for accepting our interview at the first time during the holiday and to the open source business group for its objective discussion on this event.

We hope that the above is only our speculation about starrocks, not all the facts. We look forward to hearing from starrocks.

What we criticize is not closed source software, nor commercialization itself, but the blasphemy of open source culture and the spirit of not seeking truth from facts.

We call on Dingshi to face up to its long-term infringement and make a public explanation and apology to the users, customers, developers and the public of Apache Software Foundation, Apache Doris and the original dorisdb.

We look forward to seeing that the Apache Doris team can better iterate products, prosper the community and maintain advantages. Whether segmentfault is willing to voluntarily support the development of open source projects for a long time.

We still believe in the awakening of open source culture and intellectual property awareness in China, and wish starrocks, whether open source or closed source development, can walk out of a distinctive, legal and compliant Sunshine Avenue and keep its foundation green.

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