6 project management tools supporting agile development to help developers drive into the development fast lane


With the rapid change of the market and the rapid development of the software industry, the traditional waterfall software development model, due to its long development and feedback cycle, is losing its competitive advantage in seizing the market opportunity and quickly meeting the needs of users. At the same time, agile development, with its rapid iteration, continues to meet the changing needs of users
More and more people pay attention to it.

In one survey, 71% of organizations said they would use agile methods in their development process. In addition, the success rate of agile project management is 28% higher than that of traditional project management. In this tool recommendation, we have selected several items that support agile from some of the more popular project management tools. Whether your organization is already using agile or planning to use it, I believe these six open source project management tools can help you.

Cornerstone is a new project management tool. Its product positioning is to solve the R & D pain points of enterprises, support continuous delivery and integration, and track and record the project progress through various dimensions. In addition to some simpler and more intelligent operations compared with Zen, there are also Devops automatic packaging tools. Through this platform, users can complete the workflow of products, development, testing, operation and maintenance and other roles without any third-party tools, and record them to form an intelligent work report.
Transfer gate: https://www.cornerstone365.cn/

2、 Teambition
Teambization is a simple and efficient team project collaboration tool, which emphasizes ease of use and lightweight, and more takes the lead in managing individual projects from different scenarios. It helps the team to complete and record the whole life cycle of the project from the perspective of project initiation, task setting, assignment, follow-up to the final knowledge precipitation.

3. Tapd tapd agile R & D solution covers the whole life cycle of product R & D from product concept formation, product planning, demand analysis, project planning and tracking, quality testing to construction release, user feedback tracking, helping the R & D team effectively manage requirements, resources, progress and quality, standardize and improve product R & D process, and improve R & D efficiency and product quality.

JIRA is a project and transaction tracking tool produced by atlassian company. It is widely used in defect tracking, customer service, requirement collection, process approval, task tracking, project tracking and agile management. JIRA has flexible configuration, comprehensive functions, simple deployment and rich expansion.
5. Zen way
Chan Dao project management software is a domestic open-source project management software, focusing on R & D project management, with built-in requirements management, task management, bug management, defect management, use case management, plan release and other functions, which realizes the complete life cycle management of the software.

6、 worklite
Worktile is a better platform for enterprise collaboration, connecting enterprise IM, project management, schedule, conference call, daily, weekly and monthly reports, enterprise online disk, approval, attendance, CRM, and 100 + service integration, making enterprise collaboration more efficient and simple

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