6、 Introduction to conflux bounty


Bounty is the reward platform for the conflux foundation to find value for each token. Fans of conflux can obtain FC fan coin by doing contribution task, which has certain fan consensus. It is also the only way to obtain FC in conflux.

1、 Plate composition

Bounty is divided into several parts: technology, brand, community, resources and others.

Technology section: will release some technology-related reward tasks, so that technology fans can contribute their strength under this plate. For example, develop some dapps, develop wallets, etc.

Brand plate: mainly to share the latest publicity of conflux on various major network platforms, so as to expand the influence of conflux. At present, there are milk tea tasks, sandwich tasks and so on every week.

Community section: fans can help other fans solve some community problems and activate their daily atmosphere by setting up their own interest groups.

Resources: introduce some enterprises and resources around us into the conflux community and expand the conflux ecology.

Other parts: mainly some other scattered tasks.

2、 FC introduction

FC can extract personal wallet. At present, FC has opened trading pairs on moondex, so you can trade.

As for the guardian, we often see the words “Guardian V1” and “V2”. Maybe we don’t know what they mean. V1 guardian is an identity certificate granted after the fan coin reaches 200. When FC reaches 2000, you can be promoted to V2 guardian. There are some special benefits for V2 guardian.

The only way to get FC: only through bounty, bounty link, welcome to participate in community construction

3、 Thank you

Thank you for watching this issue of the article, interested friends, welcome to add my wechat 15832013094, remarks “interested in conflux”.

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