5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview


The interview is divided into three parts

  • Technical interview: ask technical questions.
  • Person in charge interview: investigate the comprehensive ability. For example: project control capability, project depth, project architecture, business, etc.
  • HR interview: focus on personality, communication, potential, etc.

Each round of interview is about an hour.

Knowledge points of each round of interview

one side:

Mainly investigate the basic knowledge.

  • Page layout
  • CSS box model, DOM event
  • HTTP protocol, prototype chain
  • Object oriented, communication
  • Front end security, algorithm

Two sides:

  • Rendering mechanism
  • JS operation mechanism
  • Page performance
  • Error monitoring

Three sides:

No longer focus on the technical level.

  • Business capability
  • Teamwork ability


  • Professional competitiveness
  • Career planning

Successful interview needs: technical clearance, interview skills, etc.

The aspects of school recruitment and social recruitment

School recruitment:

  • Knowledge: 40%
  • Capacity: 59%
  • Experience: 1%

Social recruitment:

  • Knowledge: 30%. Such as agreement and business awareness.
  • Capacity: 50%. For example, the abstraction ability of architecture and business and the control ability of project.
  • Experience: 20%. The embodiment of the project.

The above is for reference only.

Interview preparation

Interview preparation includes the following four parts:

  • Job description (JD) analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Technology stack preparation
  • self-introduction

Each company has a mature technology stack. For example, in terms of construction tools, baidu uses fis3 and meituan uses gulp.

Which company do you want to meet? First look at the technology stack required by the other party.

The above four parts are introduced in detail next.

1、 (JD) analysis



  • Job description: focus on job responsibilities.
  • Job requirements: what is required is working ability. It is usually described in detail.

PS: the front-end knowledge is huge. It is impossible to prepare all the contents, but it should be close to the “job requirements”.

The purpose of job description analysis (JD) is to:

  • Quickly identify whether this position is what you like and want.
  • Whether the current skills can meet the requirements of the post. Whether the preparation in the short term is competent.

Example: job description of JD web front end

As follows:

5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview

Job description:

(1) During the interview, we will also consider  PC terminal and mobile terminalTwo parts.

(2)App H5 developmentIt means two things:

  • Hybrid technology stack.
  • Pure H5 development. It has nothing to do with native development, such as activities and topics.

(3)Debug data interface: learn how to simulate data.

(4)Establishment of front-end component library: demanding but very important. Reflected in:

  • Basic skills should be solid, and the understanding of native JS and CSS should be in place.
  • Do you have any previous project experience related to front-end component library
  • Have you read through other UI component libraries.

(5)Optimization and reconstruction: more difficult than Article 4.

PS: the first three are basic knowledge, and the fourth and fifth are advanced.

Job requirements:

(1)More than 3 years working experience: don’t be too serious about working years.Proficient in H5 characteristics: indicates that the company attaches great importance to the mobile terminal. Understand H5Latest specificationYour company wants me to pursue new technology, for exampleES6Wait.

(2) Ask us toobject-orientedSome have enough understanding. Component programming is also inseparable from object-oriented.

(3) It embodies the following points:

  • Familiar with web standards: be familiar with the latest standards.
  • Performance and data separation: MVC framework.
  • Semantic: don’t ignore this word. Don’t use div for everything.
  • practical experience: what problems have you encountered in the process of framework development? If you have no practical experience, you should also prepare several questions in advance.

(4) The following points:

  • Front end architecture analysis and DesignDescription: this position does not face junior positions. Because most people who work for one to two years areDo business development, missingSystem architecture capability

We need to prepare a project architecture (such as the company’s existing projects) for re sorting, including: directory structure design, reusability design, modular design, automated testing, and what is the online flow.

  • Easy to read and maintain code: during the interview, you will be asked to write code to reflect. requirement; The function of each function should be single and abstract as much as possible. Conforming to these two principles basically meets the requirements of “easy to read and easy to maintain”.
  • High quality and efficient code, not ready in a short time.

(5)User availability, user experience, user research: it’s not about technology, but about the candidate’s understanding of the product experience. It’s not just a function.

(6)Strong interestEtc. is a requirement of the company’s corporate culture. Go to GitHub to see what new technologies are used in other people’s projects and read blogs. Unable to prepare in a short time.

(7) UnderstandSassandLess: This is a basic skill.

(8)be familiar withWeb building tools: beginners are recommended to learn GLUP, not grunt. Of course, you know  The difference between GLUP and grunt

PS: understanding, familiarity and mastery are different.

(9) It can be ignored for the time being. If there are no requirements in the job descriptionNode.js, and you only know a little  Node.js, it’s not recommended that you put it in the interviewNode.jsShow it. Or dig a hole for yourself.

2、 Business analysis

CSS3 animation is the focus of preparation.

JQuery prepares event delegates, selectors, and so on.

ES6 syntax: import, export, etc.

Through a simple analysis of the source code, we preliminarily know the following points of the website:

  • jQuery
  • Vue framework
  • ES6
  • Webpack packaging tool

3、 Front end technology stack preparation

5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview
In the above figure, the front-end technology core is on the left and the front-end engineering is on the right.

left: (front end technology core)

  • JQuery: pay attention to the source code. When looking at the source code, we should look at these: core architecture, what event delegation is, plug-in mechanism and compatibility.
  • Three frameworks: all are MVVM frameworks. You can prepare one or two, or carefully prepare one. The interview will be very detailed. For example, interviewers often ask about the source code of Vue and react. It is recommended to find online source code analysis articles.
  • Node.js: server-side running environment. If you don’t have relevant project experience, try not to mention it.
  • JavaScript Basics: frameworks are sometimes very virtual; Mastering the basics of JavaScript is the key to wandering the Jianghu and galloping thousands of miles.

right: (front end Engineering)

  • NPM, yarn: package management tools. Common commands of NPM and how to use NPM scripts.
  • Webpack: module packaging.
  • Gulp, grunt: build tools.
  • Sass, less: CSS preprocessor.
  • Babel: ES6 to Es5

4、 Self introduction

The questions asked in the interview, to a large extent, depend on your resume and self introduction.


The four most important information in your resume:

  • Basic information: name, age, mobile phone, email, native place.
  • Education: from large to small. Master – > Bachelor.
  • Work experience: time, company, position, responsibility, technology stackachievement。 Performance is what most people ignore.
  • Open source project, GitHub, description.

Self evaluation can not be written.

The performance of the project shall include:Technical benefitsandPerformance gains

Self statement

1、Grasp the communication direction of the interview.

If the project is mentioned in the presentation, the interviewer may ask:

  • What project are you responsible for and what do you do
  • What is the combination point with the front end? What is your role? What responsibilities are assumed in the project?
  • What are your achievements in the project?

If you say you’re a projectperson in charge, you will be asked:

  • How should the project be allocated? How many people are involved?
  • What is your role as the person in charge? Is it project management or technical management?
  • How to solve the technical difficulties?

Ask questions

Don’t say “I don’t know” if you don’t encounter it when going deep into the problem. Suggested answer:

  • I have no experience in this field. Can youGive me some advice
  • Any suggestions or references? I want to understand this thing.

Finally, give some suggestions to newly graduated college students

Just graduated looking for a job is not all about technology

When I first graduated, I would think that looking for a job only depends on technology. After all, we are technical posts.

But now I feel that after talking with other small partners, I found that sometimes the proportion of technology is not as high as I thought.

Because in fact, we can’t open the gap within 1-2 years after graduation, and the difference in everyone’s level is not very large.

At this time, some other qualities may be more important, such as your communication ability, your character and whether you are down-to-earth.

At the same time, luck and fate are also very important in looking for a job. For example, whether the post was in urgent need at that time, if it was a new department or someone just left to fill the vacancy, under these special circumstances, the requirements may be slightly lower (absolutely not too much).

So it’s best to find team members to push internally, so that you can better understand the situation of the team.

However, I personally think that after three years, the gap in technical level will become larger and larger, and it will be more and more difficult to shorten the gap.

Just graduated, try to go to a big company

In fact, when you go to college, choose a famous school or an ordinary school. Some people say that when they don’t want to be the screw of a large company, they can first ask whether they can enter a large company. Don’t start sour before entering.

Having the ability to go but choosing not to go and not to go are two concepts.

From the experience of yourself and others around you, what you can learn from large companies is a little better than small companies in all aspects (the small companies mentioned here do not mean some small and sophisticated companies).

In terms of personal experience, not everyone in a large company is a screw and does repetitive work, because there are many departments you connect with. You need to contact a variety of front-end, back-end, products, design and QA. Everyone has different habits and will encounter cross sectoral cooperation. The technology stacks of different departments may be different, so, The things you touch are diverse;

On the contrary, the front-end, back-end, design and QA contacted by small companies are basically fixed, and there is basically no need for cross departmental cooperation. In addition, the technology stack is relatively fixed, and there is basically no change after using a set of technology stack, so your vision of technology improvement may be a little narrow.

Moreover, the business complexity and the number of users of large companies can not be provided by small companies.

To be honest, it’s a plus to have work experience in a well-known Internet company in your resume. Basically, you can have an interview qualification, because it reduces the cost to some extent. Since you can go to a well-known Internet company, it must have an advantage.

Don’t just know API, understand its principle

Our boss often said to us: “don’t only know some API things”. Now a phenomenon in the front end is that many people feel they have mastered some knowledge after using some APIs.

We should pay attention to some basic knowledge and some principles, which are the necessary skills for long-term development.

For example, when you ask “what is promise in one sentence”, many people answer the use of promise.

Looking for a job is a two-way choice process. A good team is very important

Looking for a job is really a two-way choice process. It’s not only the company’s choice of you, but also your choice of the company. If you have the ability, you’d better find a good team to do the business you like, at least not too disgusted.

In fact, you can basically judge the level of the team from the interviewer. My personal opinion is that if you are still in the growth stage and you can answer all the questions asked during the interview smoothly, you should carefully consider the job, and the growth space may be smaller.

Reduce the frequency of job hopping

Regarding the frequency of job hopping, both technical leaders and HR are considered.

Because a few years ago, I felt that the most convenient way to increase my salary was to change jobs. The salary increase would be relatively high, and it would be slow to wait for a raise in a company.

However, if you change jobs too frequently, it is actually unfavorable. Personally, I think it is a little high to change jobs once a year.

JD also has clear requirements for this, including the one vote veto system and the May 2 Principle (at most two companies within five years)

About education

Now the threshold of many companies is to graduate from undergraduate related majors, and the requirements will be higher and higher in the future.

Each company has different requirements.

Be sure to brush more questions before the interview

Be sure to brush more questions, brush questions, brush questions, and say important things three times. Pay more attention to the study of underlying principles and concepts, and understand more underlying knowledge and more principle knowledge, which are to improve your ability to solve problems.

Being a programmer and a front-end engineer is really a profession that will pay off if you study. You can get the corresponding return as long as your technology reaches the due level, regardless of your height and educational background.

Learning has never been achieved overnight. It is perseverance. It is the so-called “never too old to learn”. Only those who really know how to learn will not be eliminated by the torrent of this era.

I have always been in the habit of sorting out interview questions and ready to jump out of the comfort circle at any time. I have sorted out 229 pages unknowingly and share them here. If necessary, click here to get the questions + Analysis PDF for free

5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview

5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview

5 years ago, the front-end technician will tell you how to prepare for the technical interview

If you need this full version of the interview question + analysis,[click me]That’s it.

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