5 technical factors to be considered when evaluating logistics query API service providers


The best logistics express API can meet the requirements of sending, checking, receiving, data recording and analysis. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing warehousing, e-commerce, ERP, data analysis and other software. At the same time, it also provides easy to browse and update documents.

What is the most suitable logistics express API for your business? Only you and your team can answer this question, but any company should consider the following five points when evaluating the options of express logistics query and sending API service provider:

5 technical factors to be considered when evaluating logistics query API service providers

  1. Features: the best logistics express API provides reliable and customizable logistics solutions.
  2. Number of logistics companies: the more integrated logistics companies, the better.
  3. Functional scalability: your business will grow over time. Choose a logistics express API that can continuously meet your needs.
  4. Technical support: the technical or customer service support of logistics express API can solve problems other than those in FAQ and technical documents.
  5. Technical capability: the best logistics express API has the best developer resources to ensure stable and fast service.

For example, the section on functionality includes an in-depth overview of label creation and different ways in which the transportation API can generate labels and then make them available. Some companies may need to generate tags and download them later, while others may need to generate tags and download them immediately. This is where the customizable part of the delivery API comes into play – the delivery API best suited to your enterprise is an API that enables you to generate and download labels in a way that suits your existing workflow and processes.

Logistics express API list

Transport function related

  1. Can I integrate shipping functionality into my application, website or order management system?
  2. Can I create both outbound and return labels?
  3. Can I send real-time tracking information to users?
  4. Can this API perform address verification, correct and standardize the recipient’s address?

Related to logistics express company

  1. Can I use the account provided by logistics express API to connect all logistics express suppliers?
  2. Can all the regional operators you provide promote my business development?
  3. Does the API support functions such as closing list and shipment table creation?
  4. Does this API have a preferential price negotiated with any logistics express operator?

Functional scalability related

What is API? How to write and read API documents

  1. What is the charging method and structure? If there are multiple pricing and function options, which combination is most suitable for my business needs?
  2. What is the millisecond rate at which a single API call is made?
  3. What is the API rate limit? How much data can be called per minute / hour?
  4. If my call volume increases, can I increase the rate limit?

Technical support related

  1. Does the logistics express API service provider provide sandbox test accounts? If so, is it free?
  2. How many customer service / technical support channels are there? Official website, e-mail, telephone, wechat support, etc
  3. Are the functions of developer guides and other documents simple and clear, and are there notifications before each update?
  4. Is there an SDK (software development kit) to speed up the integration process?

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