5 Ajax file upload controls


1. FancyUpload (Demo address)


Fancyupload is a multi file upload component that uses flash and Ajax (MooTools) technology to realize the upload progress bar, similar to swfupload.

2. SwfUploadPanel (Demo address)


Swfuploadpanel is a combination of swfupload v2 0.2 and extjs 2.0 X development of multi file upload panel (panel).

3. Yahoo! UI Library: Uploader (Demo address)

Yahoo! UI Library: Uploader

Yui uploader control is a file upload control developed in combination with flash. Multiple files can be selected at one time in the same open file dialog box. File extension filtering to help users select accurately. File upload process tracking. Attach additional parameters in the file upload post request.

4. dhtmlxVault


Based on Ajax technology development, including upload progress reminder DHTML JavaScriptFile upload control. Different file types display corresponding icons.

5. jQuery: Ajax file upload (Demo address)

jQuery: Ajax file upload

The Ajax file upload plug-in allows users to easily upload multiple files without refreshing the page. In addition, any element (picture, text, button, etc.) can be used to trigger the file selection window.