5、 Agile development framework and component development


Agile development framework and component development

Maybe this name must be very accurate, but it does realize component development

Well, let’s call it that


Here is the origin of this page:


First of all, we provide a function retrieval page for querying all the function menus


The implementation of this page, querypage is too good


All the functions of the query list are done

Click edit or double-click to enter the edit screen

This is the typical editing page model




All the code, including form validation, data loading, saving, all the implementation.

There seems to be nothing special.


We pay special attention to the pink box part of the reference

It introduces a EditArea.html

The content is


In this way, the design content can be shared.

Why do you do this? Look at the picture below


Here’s another page:

The red frame is as like as two peas.




This is just an example. The future can play a very big role through your imagination

Not just in reuse mode

Even if it is not reuse, it can also be used to decompose the construction of complex pages and integrate different parts into a complete part


For example:


Splitting the employee maintenance area into independent page development is actually a simple query page model

Independent development of the above organization editing area is actually a simple editing page model