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We are happy to announce that 4EVERLAND Hosting has added support for Arweave. As we all know, 4EVERLAND Hosting has been one of the most important products on our platform. After Bucket supports the Arweave ecosystem, the realization of Ar hosting service also greatly improves the functions of 4EVERLAND hosting products, which makes 4EVERLAND hosting become the first product in the industry to support IPFS, IC and Arweave at the same time.

Why Arweave

Arweave is an unprecedented solution for any storage platform, especially 4EVERLAND as a Web3 cloud computing platform, in which Arweave has played a particularly important role. Arweave has been working to build an immutable, decentralized web that puts power back in the hands of users.

Therefore, unlike web2 storage infrastructures controlled by a single authority, front-end websites installed on Arweave will live continuously in open, decentralized nodes with no single point of failure. This means that all users no longer need to worry about frontends deployed on the Arweave network disappearing, being hijacked and tampered with.

Dedicated Gateway for Arweave

4EVERLAND builds a dedicated gateway for products deployed with Ar Hosting by integrating the functions of Arseeding. The dedicated gateway can achieve global acceleration and provide differentiated instant response services according to the distribution of users, effectively improving access efficiency and speed. At the same time, the gateway allows users to customize DNS domains for Ar projects, and includes a free SSL certificate and preview URL.

Developers can still provide Web2 access to all users in a compatible manner. The gateway is globally accelerated, and users do not need to laboriously remember complex Ar Hash.

Real-time synchronization update

Using Arweave services on 4EVERLAND has never been easier. 4EVERLAND provides a real-time repo synchronization update function, which means you can simply push your updates to your github repository, and 4EVERLAND will automatically fetch the corresponding content and implement the update on Arweave.
4EVERLAND implements one-click Arweave deployment in the smoothest way, and we achieved this at a lower cost by integrating the functions of Arseeding.

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About Arweave

Arweave is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever – for the very first time.

As a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets, Arweave allows us to remember and preserve valuable information, apps, and history indefinitely. By preserving history, it prevents others from rewriting it.

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