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Micropython heating my house

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = p5nogkvliyo

In 2018, I moved from the United States to Ireland. Although the house I rented has a networked heating device, the house I rented is still very cold. In this speech, I would like to tell you how I “debug” this problem, and how to use several micro controllers running in micro Python to improve the heating mode, which have not made any physical changes to the house that does not belong to me.

Dijkstra shortest path algorithm

Link: https://t.co/qnbi3m7s1z

From GPS navigation to network layer link state routing, Dijkstra algorithm provides theoretical support for some modern services of great concern. Just use some basic data structure, let’s understand its function, its implementation principle and how to implement it in Python

Understanding convolutional neural network: making a handwritten numeral calculator

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = eykwpyoqmg4

In this video, I use tensorflow and keras to write convolutional neural network in Python to make a handwritten numeral calculator, and I will explain the working principle of convolutional neural network in depth.

How to use Django rest framework to develop API

Link: https://djangostar.com/blog/rest-apis-django-development/

Mastering basic knowledge means mastering skills. This tutorial will teach you to build the API step by step.

Jupyter notebook best practices: Leveraging virtual environments

Link: https://zainrizvi.io/blog/jupyter-notebooks-best-practices-use-virtual-environments/

You can add virtual environments to the jupyter lab to provide a separate running environment for each notebook. This article details how to add a separate virtual environment to your own notebooks on Google cloud’s AI platform notebooks.

View based permission system in Django

Link: https://t.co/poy5bsipf

This article (citing a very simple example) shows how we can use Django and Django rest framework to implement a view based permission system, and explains why we chose to do so.

Using elastic search and fscrawler to build basic search engine

Link: https://t.co/q0raies7d4

This article describes how to use fscrawler, elastic search, python, and flask to deploy a fast but dirty search engine on the local machine.

Performance analysis of Python: an introduction to code resource usage

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = mgbgmyyrote

In general, it’s hard to see where the performance bottleneck of your code is. This tutorial introduces you to some of the tools you can use to profile your code and evaluate the effects of optimization.

Using Django to deploy machine learning model

Link: https://www.deploymachinelearning.com/

This tutorial provides some code examples for building machine learning systems using rest APIs.

Matrix decomposition technology overview

Link: https://t.co/zzidy4xcm7

Explain the different types of matrix decomposition technology and scaling mechanism used in the online recommendation engine.

Overview of flask form processing

Link: https://t.co/umptjnyqzh

Learn to use the flask wtforms library to create logic and templates for forms in flask.

Using keras and deep learning to detect natural disasters

Link: https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2019/11/11/detecting-natural-disasters-with-keras-and-deep-learning/

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use keras, computer vision and deep learning to automatically detect natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, wildfires, hurricanes) with up to 95% accuracy.

11 new Python web frameworks

Link: https://deep source.io/blog/new-python-web-frameworks/

Select a new web framework for your next project.

How to build bytebase — Part 1: real time chat with websocket

Link: https://t.co/fbpkpcher

This is the first in a series of articles on how to build bytebase. This series of tutorials adapts the Django real-time chat tutorials we introduced at the 2019 djangocon conference in the United States, and adds topics as required.

Face detection and recognition using keras

Link: https://www.sitepoint.com/keras-face-detection-recognition/

This article shows how to use the mtcnn model in keras to detect faces in images, and how to use the vggface2 algorithm to extract facial features and match them to different images.

Using Python to automate SSH and SCP tasks

Link: https://t.co/hzy1k6g8jq

Parsing in Python

Link: https://asthasr.github.io/posts/parsing-in-python/

Using Python’s GCP to create slack application

Link: https://lethain.com/creating-slack-app-python/

Interesting projects, tools and libraries


Link: https://github.com/minimaxir/stylecloud

Python’s package + cli can generate a variety of word clouds, including gradient and icon styles!


Link: https://github.com/open-mmlab/

Pytorch Based Open Source Toolkit for visual analysis.


Link: https://github.com/hasainraz/fast-srgan

The high-speed deep learning model can sample low-resolution video at the speed of 30fps to high-resolution video.


Link: https://github.com/kadnan/scrapegen

A simple Python tool can generate a network grabbing tool based on requests / BS4.


Link: https://github.com/kubapilch/pygameui

Here are some small cases about basic UI components to speed up the construction of pyGame projects

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