40mn18cr4v flattening


With the rapid development of electronic industry and magnetic material industry, the demand for high-strength non-magnetic steel is increasing day by day. Generally, austenitic stainless steel is used to make dies, but the hardness and strength of austenitic stainless steel are low, and the service life of the die is very short. Therefore, we choose high manganese steel
It can be used as motor retaining ring on motor, high wear-resistant non-magnetic bearing on bearing, and non-magnetic part in various precision instruments
40mn18cr4v flat steel for pressing teeth of motor
40mn18cr4v round steel as core screw
40mn18cr4v ring used as motor retaining ring
40mn18cr4v flattening
The properties of 40mn18cr4v steel can be improved by solution and aging treatment. The solution temperature is (1100 ± 10) ℃, aging temperature is 600-700 ℃, aging time is not less than 6h
The strength of 40mn18cr4v can be improved by solid solution, semi warm forging and cold strengthening.