40mn18cr4 without magnetic ring


Manufacture of thin wall 40mn18cr4 retaining ring for large high speed motor
The manufacturing method of 40mn18cr4 retaining ring includes refining billet step, hot section billet making step, solution heat treatment and cold deformation step and rough machining step.
The steps of solution heat treatment and cold deformation are as follows: after hot forging, the ingot is heated to 950-1100 ℃ and kept warm to ensure sufficient solid solution of carbides to obtain uniform austenite structure, and then water cooling rapidly until no red is seen, and then semi hot forging deformation of water is produced
40mn18cr4 without magnetic ring
Due to the adoption of the above technical solutions, the problems of expensive material, complex manufacturing method and high manufacturing cost of thin-walled retaining ring for large-scale high-speed motor are completely solved. The manufacturing method is simple and convenient, effectively saves nickel resources and significantly reduces the manufacturing cost of retaining ring.
Moreover, the 40mn18cr4 retaining ring made by this process has high plasticity and reliable quality

Of course, non-magnetic steel 40mn18cr4 can also be rolled flat steel, round steel, steel plate and so on.
Generally, we use the process of electric furnace melting, LF refining, VD vacuum treatment and pouring to produce high quality 40mn18cr4 retaining ring steel
By controlling C, Si, s, P and other elements in the steel and reasonable vacuum treatment process, the molten steel required by the target composition can be obtained; by cleaning and drying the gating system and feeding the riser at the later stage of pouring, the qualified ingot can be obtained. After reasonable forging and heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the steel can meet the target requirements