3DCAT’s First Industry Ecological Exchange Meeting | Shengda Technology CEO Qiu Jie: 5G Cloud Rendering Helps Enterprise Training


3DCAT's First Industry Ecological Exchange Meeting | Shengda Technology CEO Qiu Jie: 5G Cloud Rendering Helps Enterprise Training
3DCAT’s First Industry Ecological Exchange Conference

On the afternoon of December 17, 2021, hosted by Shenzhen Ruiyun Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation, How Cloud XR Empowers the Metaverse – 3DCAT Real-time Cloud Rendering’s First Industry Ecological Cooperation and Exchange Conference ended successfully. The event focused on the industry hot topic of “How Cloud XR Empowers Metaverse”, and attracted many leading companies and industry experts in the field of Cloud XR to participate in the discussion.

At the exchange meeting, Qiu Jie, CEO of Shengda Technology, shared the theme of “5G Cloud Rendering Helps Enterprise Training” from the perspective of VR/AR educational content production industry.

3DCAT's First Industry Ecological Exchange Meeting | Shengda Technology CEO Qiu Jie: 5G Cloud Rendering Helps Enterprise Training

Qiu Jie, CEO of Shengda Education Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech
The following is the transcript of the speech:

Hello everyone, I just saw an article this morning, saying: From the perspective of the whole world, there will be a metaverse, but no one knows what form and technical means this metaverse will be constructed in the end. “Everyone has high expectations for this metaverse. Now that many banking services are handled on mobile phones, will it be possible to handle them in the metaverse in the future? Just like what we saw in “Ready Player One” and “Runaway Player” What about that?

We can do many things at this stage, such as creating a WEB2.5-level “semi-universe”. WEB1.0 refers to the earliest digital assets of the year—the website, which is a thing made by a third party for users to see, and the way we obtain it is through the Internet; Platforms such as Weibo are different from the early content. Users can comment, participate, and even produce content by themselves. It has evolved into a highly interactive Internet. In theory, WEB3.0 allows everyone to have their own Internet. Not easy to be realistic. So at present, what we are doing is more like creating a semi-universe environment in the WEB2.5 era.

What Ruiyun Technology has done is very helpful to the construction of the entire Metaverse system. Its 3DCATreal-time rendering cloudIt is a hosting and running platform for 3D and XR applications, which provides powerful real-time graphics rendering computing services in the cloud, and supports massive users to access applications safely at the same time.

Shengda Education focuses on school VR education content. From the perspective of our own business, the height of the helmet limits the fluency and convenience of everyone in the use scene. The cloud rendering made by Ruiyun helps products to go to the cloud, which can bring more convenience and experience interaction anywhere. For example, Shengda and Shenzhen Vocational College had in-depth cooperation in 2017, and the VR content they produced won the first prize in the national competition. However, this practice point has always been a classroom in the School of Artificial Intelligence, and the materials can only be used locally. . Since Ruiyun and Shenzhen Vocational College completed the cloud rendering 5G environment deployment this year, the locations of several campuses of Shenzhen Vocational College can be shared. This isReal-time cloud renderingTechnology brings progress.

Shengda Education is a VR vocational school and a content company for corporate training. In 2017, it received the seed round investment from HTC Vive. The company has been established for five years. It has a strong content production team with a high degree of overseas background. The idea of ​​the founder team has always been to win with content. Although the company is small now, we are the top three in the field of on-the-job VR car/computer/drone teaching, and the number of bids for the national automotive professional VR training courses ranks first in the country.

Most of our clients are schools, but we have gradually discovered that although many companies have needs for VR training, technology is a major barrier. First, the enterprise side needs to fundamentally solve the content production, which needs to be customized and practical; second, it cannot use very heavy experience links, and must have a service like Ruiyun, which can upload a large amount of content to the cloud and make it complete all over the country Unified distribution and experience. This is very meaningful for building metaverse or web3.0 at this stage.

The global corporate training market is gradually developing. Here I would like to share with you the data of the foreign training industry. The entire VR education and training market is in a state of rapid growth, and the shipment of Quest headsets has reached tens of millions. According to the survey data in the United States, the industries that will be most affected by XR in the United States in the next twelve months include: health and medical equipment, education, corporate and vocational training, manufacturing, automobile industry, marketing, transportation and logistics, retail e-commerce, etc.

At present, enterprise training has pain points such as difficult practical operation, poor remote training effect, uneven distribution of training resources, backward examination mode, and slow knowledge update. Faced with the current pain points of corporate training, the XR content produced by Shengda Education can provide an immersive operating experience, and the VR multiplayer online function can facilitate remote training; through the multiplayer online real scene function, excellent instructors can be efficiently utilized; VR It can realize the test method of simulation and practical operation, and can collect information and provide immediate feedback; the UGC function can realize the automatic storage of newly generated content and the automatic update of the database.

We hope that in the future, there will be a communication method that can make people highly involved, based on cloud rendering, through voice interaction and VR immersive experience. Thank you!