3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city



At present, China’s green city construction and development is in full swing. In the face of urban diseases caused by rapid urbanization construction, we need to constantly seek sufficient resources to enrich the city, so as to realize the green and intelligent development of the city, such as the transformation of underground pipe gallery, street lamps and other urban infrastructure.

As the lifeline of the city, underground utility tunnel has practiced the new concept of green city development. The emergence of the comprehensive pipe gallery gradually eliminated the spider web overhead lines in the main streets and significantly improved the urban ground landscape, but at this time, there were also some problems, such as imperfect management coordination mechanism, inadequate pipeline information sharing, imperfect management mechanism and so on.

In order to ensure the safe operation and management of green pipe gallery,Hightopo softwareThe underground utility tunnel is simulated with three-dimensional model, which integrates data monitoring and video monitoring of water, electricity, gas, heat, communication pipelines, harmful gas concentration, temperature and humidity. The management personnel can view the collected monitoring data and environmental pictures in real time, which can completely replace manual inspection of the utility tunnel. To ensure the full use of underground space, ensure the safe operation of the city, promote overall coordination, and build a green pipe gallery 3D visualization management system with intelligent control, energy saving, and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Overview view

The loading interface can display the overall map of the pipe gallery layout, with monitoring data on both sides. It shows the three-dimensional landscape of the urban comprehensive pipe gallery, and displays, edits and stores the three-dimensional model data of the main body, pipelines and equipment of the pipe gallery.

3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

systems analysis

Multi dimensional digital monitoring equipment and environment

  • It can monitor the overall environment, operation parameters and operation status of facilities and equipment, including but not limited to monitoring oxygen content, harmful gas concentration (CH4, H2S), temperature and humidity trend, etc;
  • For the water pump, electric power and gas, communication, fire protection and other urban engineering equipment in the pipe gallery, 24-hour real-time data acquisition and analysis and remote parameter adjustment control are carried out, as well as data accumulation for long-term energy data to detect equipment aging;
  • Monitor the overall or branch cable health, and it will turn red when it is lower than the health value, which can effectively cooperate with the staff in troubleshooting and command management. The video monitoring integrated with GIS can quickly locate the specific location, find the problem cable at the first time, and quickly view other information in the area.

    3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city 3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

Early warning, closed loop management

According to the threshold value set by the equipment environment, the system can timely warn the phenomenon of exceeding the standard. In case of emergency, the management personnel can activate one button alarm, the fixed telephone in the whole corridor rings, and the personnel in the corridor answer the phone. In the face of unexpected accidents, make emergency command quickly, guide managers to make scientific decisions and deal with them in an orderly manner. Solve the problem of lack of troubleshooting methods in the industry to ensure the maximum reduction of disaster losses.

Patrol management

The integrated management platform establishes a scientific operation and maintenance system to provide patrol plan, personnel management, work order management, analysis and query and other patrol services for managers. When the patrol inspection is abnormal, the patrol inspection personnel can report to the platform to register and send orders for maintenance. While reducing the inspection complexity, it also greatly improves the inspection efficiency and reliability, optimizes the inspection process, and achieves the fine management of standardization, modularization and process.

3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

Visualization of double warehouse pipe gallery

3D visualized double cabin pipe gallery is stereoscopic and transparent, which is convenient for monitoring the overall situation. The management personnel can directly view the source of the fault and accurately correspond to the problem window, which is conducive to resisting the problems of rush repair, maintenance, expansion and transformation of various pipelines, and effectively shorten the rush repair time. The construction of double cabin pipe gallery can not only effectively solve the “road zipper” phenomenon, but also resist pipeline erosion without digging three feet.

3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

Geographic location query of each pipe gallery

The GIS map shows the entrance and exit of each utility tunnel. When the system gives an early warning, the GIS map will give an alarm synchronously and locate the alarm position.

Usually, the management platform of green pipe gallery combines GIS + BIM Technology to carry out the simulation analysis of geographic location information and hydrogeological data information content, and provides spatial analysis, positioning, information release and other functions. and   The lightweight way of HT is a new change in the traditional GIS and BIM Technology

HT has the advantages of light weight and low cost, so enterprises no longer need to purchase bulky and expensive GIS and BIM software;

Low starting point, good effect, traditional   Web developers can easily use HT’s powerful 3D rendering effect to create highly simulated road scenes;

With cross platform, any desktop and mobile terminal can be opened, and the staff can choose to use the mobile phone for on-site viewing, editing and management.

3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

Display of plane structure drawing

The display of the plane structure diagram is to facilitate managers to understand the layout of each component and show the local section, so as to express the reinforcement of each component (including the type and amount of reinforcement, the location of reinforcement, etc.), the detail size and the details of embedding.

 3D visualization platform of underground utility tunnel in green city

Value embodiment

Intelligent perception: it can sense the key equipment and environmental information of the pipe gallery in an all-round way, interpret the urban energy consumption and safety situation, and give early warning to the faults that affect the normal operation of the pipe gallery, so as to ensure the normal operation in the harsh environment.

Smart decision: browse in “one map” mode, monitor the pipe gallery body and pipe network dynamics, underground space relations, analyze and collect effective information, sort out historical data, assist managers to make decisions, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Smart management: build a unified intelligent supervision system, conduct scientific, accurate and efficient command and dispatch of municipal public utilities through comprehensive analysis and application of ground and underground information resources, improve security strategies, and improve management level.

The construction of green pipe gallery means to promote the urban grid intelligent management mode. While carrying out the supervision of green pipe gallery, it provides scientific, efficient and accurate command and dispatch information for municipal public utilities through comprehensive analysis of resources.


Hightopo   3D visualization comprehensive pipe gallery system abandons the defects of traditional operation and maintenance management mode, and creates a “green pipe gallery supervision and operation integration” system. Comprehensively improve the intelligent level of operation and maintenance management, take the realization of perception, decision-making, management and other comprehensive intelligent utility tunnel as the criterion, ensure the safe operation of underground utility tunnel, so as to improve the green, refined and intelligent management level of the city, and realize the centralized and unified management of utility tunnel.

You can also go to the official website of Tupu software to see more cases and effects:https://www.hightopo.com/demos/index.html

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