3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city



In recent years, the pace of China’s smart city construction is also accelerating. The Party Central Committee and the State Council also pay more attention to the construction and development of smart park. The construction of smart park is combined with the industrial development of the park, and is developing towards innovation and ecology. They pay more attention to the development of high-tech, green environmental protection and other industries, and combine management innovation with the intelligent development of the park.

The development and upgrading of the park integrates such emerging technologies as cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, GIS, etc. through the detection, analysis, integration and response of data and resources inside and outside the park, it realizes the informatization of park management, instant information transmission, intelligent infrastructure, convenient public services, modernization of industrial development, fine social governance, etc, In order to improve the industrial agglomeration ability, enterprise competitiveness, and the sustainable development of the park as the goal of the advanced park development mode and concept.

Today, we will introduce the HT engine independently developed by hightopo, a Tupu software, to help build a smart Shuozhou Development Zone with three-dimensional visualization. Through the multi-dimensional display of the architectural style of science fiction in the future, we will build a smart city project with 360 degree panoramic visualization and data scene linkage.

Effect display

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

The whole scene dynamically drills down to the Chinese territory from the earth’s perspective, makes a special light edge three-dimensional description of the outline of Shanxi Province, and drills down to the overall three-dimensional scene of Shuozhou development zone. Among them, we focus on roaming the science and technology innovation business park to view the Shuozhou new product exhibition hall with animation.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

Smart Shuozhou development zone uses the overall design form of exhibition large screen to display the three-dimensional scene of the whole area in the page, and the left and right sides are supplemented with the display of common technical concepts and indicators of digital smart city monitoring, so as to improve the data analysis and visualization efficiency of business personnel, improve the success rate of management decision-making, and assist the leadership in management prediction.

systems analysis

Full scene roaming

In addition to the initial park full scene roaming and fixed-point roaming, it also provides a roaming line for a single Park, which allows users to roam the Development Zone in full scene according to the specified line from the first person perspective. When making the line, they can refer to the key areas or areas with high level of intelligence, To present the key development areas of the development zone and the effect of intelligent development to users.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

Campus information visualization

The information visualization of the park mainly includes GDP, financial data, gross industrial output value, fixed assets, output intensity, enterprise summary, investment factor cost and investment promotion. Through the basic data information of the park, we can have an intuitive understanding of the basic status of the whole park. The data display information can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the project to meet the data visualization of the park information.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city
Visualization of sand table layout

It integrates various important information in Shuozhou Development Zone, such as road information, water system distribution, Xishan ecological forest landscape distribution, etc. The traditional park management expends a lot of energy in cost and investment. Through the diversified visualization system management scheme of the Internet, a set of unified online visualization management collection of Park modules is sorted out. Through the intelligent monitoring control and management system, the intelligent park promotes the intelligence and depth of information application, effectively saves the consumption of energy and labor costs required by the park operation, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of land monitoring and layout monitoring, To solve the most fundamental link, improve work efficiency, enhance the service quality of the park and the utilization rate of the built environment, and ensure the safe, stable and lasting development of the park.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

Visualization of pipe network distribution

Through the multi-level search function menu, the display of water supply pipeline, sewage pipeline, rainwater pipeline, regeneration pipeline, power pipeline, communication pipeline, original gas pipeline and heating pipeline can be realized. The visualization of pipe network distribution can help managers manage the integrated pipelines in a standardized way, and show the buried depth, shape, trend and surrounding environment of underground pipelines in the form of three-dimensional visualization.

Compared with the plane pipe network, the 3D visualization of pipeline is more convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel to find the corresponding underground pipeline. It also provides a reference standard for the overall utilization and scientific layout of underground pipeline resources in the later stage. It provides an accurate, intuitive and efficient reference for pipeline occupation approval. At the same time, for the new pipe network management, Mapo provides the function of automatically rendering 3D pipe network by combining with the three-dimensional coordinate information of inflection point of pipe network, which brings great convenience for subsequent production and continuous use.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

Visualization of land layout

With the rise of big data, BIM, GIS and other new technical concepts, land planning has also been updated, and the three-dimensional form of visualization can make land planning more knowable and controllable, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel to centralize and scientifically manage the land. Break the situation of scattered land occupation data, improve the land use rate of the park, and manage efficiently. Mapo software provides 3D special effects based on webgl rendering, and also makes the expression of land distribution data in the platform more cool and colorful, easy to distinguish.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

Traffic layout visualization

Through the highlight of different colors, the traffic expressway, trunk road and secondary trunk road are displayed. Line visualization can know the layout of the traffic lines in the Development Zone, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel to adjust and deploy the traffic lines timely and effectively, and obtain the traffic trajectory data information. Assist the park management department to comprehensively control the wide range of line operation control in the region. In terms of traffic layout, Mapo visualization can also extend the integration of more functions, such as integrated situation monitoring: integrating GIS, video monitoring system, traffic management department business system data, comprehensive monitoring of traffic conditions, traffic flow, accident handling report and other elements, helping managers grasp the overall traffic operation situation in real time, etc.

3D visualization of Shuozhou Development Zone to build a comprehensive smart city

The realization value of Park visualization

1   Fine display of panoramic view of the park

The basic building information of buildings, pipe network facilities and mobile targets in the park can be displayed in an all-round way on the system. For example, the location data of various power facilities, transportation hubs, landmark buildings, underground pipelines and mobile targets in the park are displayed in real time.

2、 Digital display of park information

The original park is like an information island. Departments and management lines can’t communicate and share information resources. They operate their own information management system. Through the visualization of Tupu software, they can achieve fine management of the park on the basis of making full use of, integrating and mining information technology and information resources, Then the Tupu visualization system is the concentrated embodiment of the wisdom achievements and values of the park, making the smart Park knowable and sensible.

3、 Centralized display of Park Management

Tupu visual park management system supports data docking display of multi department and different platforms. Managers can control the comprehensive situation of the park in an all-round way, and different operation managers can also interconnect and exchange related information. Including support for: government, police, transportation, power and other real-time data information; Including support for integration of geographic information, GPS data, building 3D data, statistical data, Park video monitoring acquisition screen and other types of data.

Mapo visualization is a pure web page based on HTML5, which can be opened and accessed as long as there is a browser. Customers can monitor the situation and customize the layout of the content they want to display according to the current use scenarios. It can not only focus on special events, but also control the overall situation of the park. It can quickly realize the modern, high-performance, cross platform (desktop mouse / mobile touch / virtual reality VR) graphic display effect and interactive experience, and can also control the large screen page display and monitoring mode on the mobile phone or pad side.


The construction and management of the park should be upgraded in an all-round way, the resources of the park should be integrated, and the independent innovation service system should be established, so as to greatly reduce the operation cost of the enterprises in the park, improve the work efficiency, and strengthen the innovation, service and management ability of the park. By adding the visualization of hightopo’s large screen, the data can be used, mined and transferred in time. Make the timely presentation and transmission of data effective, extract the key and effective information, and show it clearly with cool visual effect.

For more industry application examples, please refer to the case link on Tupu’s official website:https://www.hightopo.com/demos/index.html