36 Kr | create a unified data security portal for enterprises, “toultz” wants to solve the problem of data security with new ideas


Data security is a hot topic in network security in recent years. Whether driven by the compliance market or the strong demand growth of enterprise customers, the topic of data security has often attracted attention in recent years.

Accordingly, there are a lot of startups in this track. Hangzhou tourz Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “tourz”), which krypton recently contacted, was established in March 2018 and currently launched a product called cloudquery, which is intended to create a unified data security portal for enterprises.

Referring to the reasons for building a unified data security portal for enterprises, Chen Bangyi, founder of the company, introduced that due to the trend of cloud, a large number of applications and data of enterprises are centralized and connected. However, in the field of data security, many enterprises still follow the way of single point breakthrough to solve customers’ data security problems with decentralized products due to their own business model and customer guidance. However, in Chen Bangyi’s view, this inherent model will cause problems for customers that are difficult to continuously optimize and ensure security.

Cloudquery chose to adopt “new ideas” to solve the “old problems” of the traditional model in the industry: building a platform along the direction of data flow. Cloudquery does not start from a single point, but from the height of the organization, comprehensively controls and analyzes the interaction between people (internal / external) and Applications (self research / Procurement) and the database, so as to reduce risks and improve efficiency. At the same time, cloudquery uses one portal to integrate all data operation, audit, authorization and other data control functions, which can accurately control the data, and solve the security risks such as data leakage caused by traditional multi portal access.

36 Kr | create a unified data security portal for enterprises,

Cloudquery system architecture diagram

At present, cloudquery products mainly solve two problems, authentication and audit. Authentication focuses on who sees the data, while audit focuses on who sees the data. Chen Bangyi believes that these two points are a small closed loop, which can basically meet the needs of users in the first stage. In terms of specific building methods, because an enterprise may use multiple databases and the permission mechanisms of various databases are different, toultz’s way is to build a unified and public permission system to help customers manage data permissions uniformly. At the fine-grained level, it can be down to the row and column level of the database unit. In terms of security, based on the situation awareness of the flow analysis engine, real-time dynamic management and control, and take the initiative to raise and lower the user authority.

36 Kr | create a unified data security portal for enterprises,

Cloudquery authorization function flow chart

Due to the inherent inertia, the current customers may prefer to purchase single point products, but Chen Bangyi observed that the customer’s inadaptability to this model has been highlighted, and the operation and maintenance team has been unsustainable. He believes that this “closing” management model will be recognized by more people in the near future.

At present, the company’s products mainly include enterprise version and community version. The enterprise version is mainly aimed at large B customers with relatively perfect and mature information construction. Up to now, the company has established 18 major customers, including customers in securities, banking, insurance, energy, communication, Internet, manufacturing and many other industries. The community version is mainly aimed at users who spontaneously use products in the market, benchmarking 3 million + professional IT Practitioners (development / operation and maintenance / DBA / Security).

In terms of the company’s team, Chen Bangyi introduced that as a company with engineer culture as its corporate culture, 90% of toultz’s core team are R & D personnel.

In terms of profit model, the community version supports the continuous upgrading of the enterprise version. The enterprise version takes products, industry customization and services as the core, benchmarking large enterprises with relatively perfect information construction to achieve profit in a project-based manner. At present, the company will also cooperate with some large integrators to explore the market and reach customers. In the next planning, toultz plans to expand more customers, continuously expand the user base with the community version, and realize more commercial landing with the enterprise version.

Official website address:https://cloudquery.club/

36 Kr | create a unified data security portal for enterprises,