30 seconds per day First experience of SEO


30 seconds per day First experience of SEO

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Careful students may find that keywords appear at the beginning. Why? After reading this article, you will understand.

Did the students ever think about the Internet?userwebsiteHow many? Here we provide a real-time statistics about the real-time status of the Internet in the Internet live stats. Here we give a snapshot of the real-time status of the Internet at about 7:00 on April 4, 2019.

30 seconds per day First experience of SEO

Maybe the data on the graph is not accurate enough, but it can be found as a reference.Total websiteProbably in1 billion 600 millionAround, when looking for onewebsiteAnd visit it, equivalent to inBoundless sea of facesFind you in the worldThe other half。 The probability is still quite low to solve this problem.Search EnginesIt was born, and we used it most often.Search EnginesThere are Baidu, Bing, Google and so on.


Search EnginesWhat is the basis for recording websites and natural rankings?

Search EnginesstayRecord websiteandNatural rankingThere is a set of rules, which are optimized accordingly.SEOSearch Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization has a lot of doors and related professions. The first relevant book in Beijing and East, “SEO Actual Code: 60 days website traffic increased by 20 times” is enough.640Page.


The website will eventually be exported ashtmlPages, which are also accessible by search enginesOne of the smallest units。 Of course, in the traditional back endMVCDirect outputhtmlThe method is relatively easy to optimize. But now the front-end development is mostly single-page applications, output.htmlNeed to go throughJavaScriptOnly when rendered can it be really displayed. Application Solution in Single PageSEOThere are two common methods:

  • Using back-end rendering, direct outputhtml
  • Make use of meta-related attributes in head.

Article scope

This article will explainSEOinmetaRelevant content, in the meta tag, there are three main places: title, description and keywords.SEOTo be helpful to,Heading tagRelated to H1A can be seen in small secrets.


Title Title TagTell users andSearch EnginesWhat is the theme of a particular page, so title should accurately describe the content of the page, and title inSearch EnginesThe output is displayed directly when the result is displayed, if it is too long.Search EnginesOnly part of the content will be displayed.

It’s better to use a few keywords.-|Blank spaceFor example, the title of the Nuggets homepage contains three keywords: Nuggets, Juejin. IM and a community to help developers grow. Students can search in search engines separately, which should rank first.

< title > Nuggets - juejin. im - A community that helps developers grow </title >


Description description tagProvides a general description of the page. If a word in the summary of the page happens to appear in the user’s query, the word will be highlighted.

descriptionThe content on the page should be accurately summarized, and different pages are better different.descriptionIf the description tag is well written, it can increase the click-through rate of the page. For example, the Nuggets’home page is the overall description of the whole Nuggets, while in the articledescriptionIntercept the first part of the article.

<meta name= "description" content= "Nuggets is a community that helps developers grow, Hacker News for developers, Designer News for designers, and Medium for product managers. The technical articles of the digging gold are edited by the technicians and geeks gathered on rare earth to select the best quality dry goods for you, including: Android, iOS, front-end, back-end and so on. Users can find the headlines of the technology world here every day. At the same time, there are also boiling points, Nuggets translation program, offline activities, columns and other content. Even if you are a GitHub, Stack Overflow, and open source Chinese user, we believe you can gain something here. >


Keywords labelIt’s not as important as it used to be for page optimization, but it’s not as important as it used to be for page optimization.SEOIt’s still helpful. Don’t be there.keywordsThere are too many keywords in it.5-6Best use,Separate the content, here’s the Nuggets HomepagekeywordsFor example:

<meta name="keywords" content="digging gold, rare earth, Vue.js, Wechat applet, Kotlin, RxJava, React Native, Wireshark, agile development, Bootstrap, OKHttp, regular expression, WebGL, Webpack, Docker, MVVM">


The example here isNuggetsThis site,NuggetsIt is developed as a single page using vue. And you’ll encounter it.htmlQuestions that cannot be retrieved by direct search engines, from page tagsdata-vue-metaIt should be used.vue-metaTo solveSEOThe problem.

You can see clearly through this example.titledescriptionkeywordsThe magic of three swordsmen. Of course, you can also use this rule to improve the article in theSearch EnginesNatural ranking.


30 seconds per day First experience of SEO

The small list here is calledWebsite linkInterested students can search.


staySearch EnginesSearch for the Nuggets and you’ll seeNuggets - juejin. im - a community that helps developers growPriority enlarged display, which is also the title on the Nuggets homepage.


andNuggets is a community that helps developers grow. They are Hacker News for developers, Designer News for designers, and Medium for product managers. Technological Articles on Gold Excavation Technology of Rare Earth Aggregation.For the Nuggets HomepagedescriptionPart of the content interception.


Keyword is not very helpful in this search, although the home page’skeywordsIt is also mentioned in the article.Nuggets

Personal essay

30 seconds per day First experience of SEO


TitledArticle nameandNuggetsComposition, so when choosing the name of the article, try to bring the key words of the article, which will be more easily retrieved by users. Like little two.Should it be elegant?This keyword is a standard error demonstration. What normal users will like to search for isperformanceReadability


It is described as the beginning of the section intercepted from the text of the article, which is also added to the head of the article by Junior Two.SEO, Meta, Search Engine Optimization, Simple TutorialThe reason is that you can easily search this article by using keywords.

Ps: When you write an article, you can also throw keywords at the beginning like the second grade.


Keyword is the key word selected when creating an article.

Personal details

30 seconds per day First experience of SEO


The title is composed of two keywordszhangxiangliangNuggets


Described asUser occupationUser CompanyUser's Personal SignatureComposition, so when writing personal information must be well written, users can easily search for you when searching. Believe it or not, you can searchFull Stack MagicianTry it, and you’ll find that the sophomore ranks second in the search results.


Keyword is user namezhangxiangliangNo more relevant keywords have been made.

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If you feel you have something to gain, please pay attention to it.Inspire meWelcome to Github and add a star.

30 seconds per day First experience of SEO

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