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The Tang DynastyA young man named Wegu liked to play by the river. One day, he met an old man who tied two stones together in the moonlight. Seeing that he was curious, the young man asked, “What do you do with the stones?” Old uncle said, “I’m trying to get married. This stone is a couple.” “Who is my wife then?” the young man asked. Old uncle said, “It’s the girl who looks at the vegetable garden at the head of the village.”

You’re so angry, Ben.Yushu is facing the wind and wind.How can we go with poor and ugly girls in the vegetable garden? The next day, passing the vegetable garden, I picked up the stones and hit the girl on the head. The girl could not fall to the ground, and the young man fled in fear of crime.

Later, when he became a Bachelor of college, he saw the request of Zhang’s nephew, a matchmaker. Discovered at nightMy wife has a scar on her head.Ask what’s going on. Only then discovered that this was the poor and ugly girl in the vegetable garden. She told her wife what the old man said under the moon. Only then did she believe that fate could not be separated.

This isThousands of miles of marriageSource of the story, if this is changed to the present fear isWant to go to the hospital to see WiFi。 But this sentence is often said, but not everyone knows the story, you can tell your girlfriend to listen to add a little bit of content, sure to attract full marks.

The goddess in the programmer’s heart is the computer. How can there be a girlfriend? Mr. Lu Xun, by and a pot-bearer

Link net

What’s this

I just wanted to talk about it.A TagsHowever, other content is also highly relevant, so this article will be relatively large.

Why did you choose this title? When using the internet, websites pass bylinkConnected together, as if the old man’s red line in a circle of entanglement. Sometimes I have to admire the vastness and profundity of Chinese.InternetIt’s really a very appropriate word to pass.linkA network of interconnected structures.

The nostalgic classmates can see the section of Piggy Bajie leading the red line in Tiantianwaizhuan, which is really a laugh to death.


WhenSearch EnginesDispatchmoney spinnerCrawlingCurrent linkThere will be many other things on the page.Related linksmoney spinnerWill follow this link to continue to climb down to a certain depth, and to theseRelated linksandCurrent linkRelevant links will affect whether they are good or bad.Current linkNatural ranking.

For example, there is a custom in southern Fujian before marriage.Investigation linkMen and women will be formed separately.Family Visiting MissionGo to the other side’s village and askOther partyPersonality, behavior, etc. in the neighbor’s mouth from the evaluationsideKnow each other’s situation.

The second year’s friend, fourth year’s friend, because grandma was decades agoStole a duckI was told by my neighbourInvestigation groupLead toFamily Visiting MissionHis impression of him was somewhat reduced. TheregrandmotherandLittle fourIt isRelated linksandCurrent linkReflection.

A Tags

Links on pages are almost inseparableA TagsWe go through one by one.A TagsGo to different pages. The most frequently used and often overlooked isA TagsThe content of the text in theSearch EnginesMediummoney spinnerCrawl through the current page and find that there is one on the pageA TagsIt will continue to crawl down, and the text content will serve as a description reference for links.

General Link Structure<a href= "https://juejin.im/timeline/frontend">front end</a>。 amongFront endEven the text content is also calledanchor textUsually,Search EnginesWill passanchor textTo understandhttps://juejin.im/timeline/frontendWhat is the content of this page? In order to tellmoney spinnerWhich can be crawled and which can not be crawled, can be usedrelTo specify:

Rel value explain
external Represents that this is an off-site link
nofollow Search EnginesShould notGraspRelated linksAnd record the weight.
noopener、noreferrer Make opener and referrer attributes invalid to prevent target=”blank” from causing fishing safety problems

For example, in Nuggets user reviewsnoopener、noreferrerandnofollowTo prevent dangerous links from being used in comments:

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target="_ blank"You can check the relevant content and get arrested together.

Friend chain

Related linksIn addition to the disadvantages, there are also benefits, if it is aKnow the root and know the bottomAndPretty goodWebsites can be linked to each other to increase the weight of the site. This way is calledFriendship linkIt’s very understandable from the name. imageJD.COMThere are special friendship links.http://club.jd.com/links.aspx

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The benefits of friendship links are simply that the more sites a website is mentioned, the more well-known sites it is mentioned, the more it is a good site to a large extent. for exampleBATIf you hang up the link of the second year, will you believe the second year more?


utilizerobots.txtTo tellmoney spinnerWhich pages are crawlable and those are not:

User-agent: *

# Agency and user prohibit access
Disallow: /timeline
Disallow: /submit-entry
Disallow: /new-entry
Disallow: /edit-entry
Disallow: /notification
Disallow: /subscribe/subscribed

# directories allowed in agency
Allow: /agency/join
Allow: /agency/personal

meta robots

If you want toCurrent linkandRelated linksNot at all in search results, for examplemetaLabel:

<meta name="robots" content="onindex,nofollow">

The name and content values are partially referred to as follows:

Name value

Name value explain
robots All spiders
Baiduspide Baidu spider
Googlebot Google Spider

Content value

Content value explain
index Search EnginesShouldGrasp thisCurrent link
noindex Search EnginesShould notGraspCurrent link
follow Search EnginesShouldGraspRelated links
nofollow Search EnginesShould notGraspRelated linksAnd record weight

True and false front page

What’s this


aboutuserFor example, both links are the home pages of Nuggets, but forSearch EnginesFor example, the two links correspond to two different websites.


In search engines, includingparameterThe difference is that only links are identical can they be considered the same link. Similar content is likely to beSearch EnginesIt is interpreted as cheating and will lead to the decentralization of weights. It’s like opening two houses in a street.Wanda PlazaDilute the source of passengers directly into two parts.

More URL related can read the URL Big Bang.


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Students who like to do things may try to visit them.https://www.juejin.im/The link will be redirected tohttps://juejin.im/Indeed, this method can help the Nuggets homepage change from two entries to one. But careful students will open it.ConsoleDiscovering jumpsHTTP Status Codeby301Instead of302Why?

Ps: No. 2 confiscates a penny of advertising fee. It’s just a simple example.

301 status code

Permanent Moved, as its name implies, refers toPermanent transferSearch EnginesRead to301 status codeSometimes the jumped website will be treated as a real link, so that multiple links will be treated as the same link weight is also maintained. Scenarios used:

  • Domain name change, tellSearch EnginesNew domain names and new domain names are included.
  • Short links, using short links to facilitate sharingNot conducive to memoryandToo longThe original link.
  • Page extensions change, some sites will be linked with.php.html.aspxWhenuserSave links as bookmarks andSearch EnginesAfter inclusion, changing the page extension will cause the original link to fail to display as404 Not FoundVisit traffic passes in vain.
  • Confirm the home page, as shown in the first two links to the Nuggets home page, and tellSearch EnginesWhich one needs to be included?

302 status code

302 Found (Moved Temporarily) represents a temporary transfer becauseTentativeTransferSearch EnginesUnlike people, it is impossible to accurately distinguish which one should be included. Scenarios used:

  • Page refresh jump, for example, after creating a post, jump to the post page.
  • Return to the original page, such as using 302 to redirect to the login page before login, and then jump back to the original requested page after successful login.
  • Mobile and PC terminals, such as mobile phone accesshttps://juejin.im/Jump Tohttps://m.juejin.im/However, some companies use 301, it is better to make a responsive website.

Be careful:Search EnginesIt is possible to attribute the jumped site to the content of the original site, such asbaidu.comJump Tojuejin.imThe content of Nuggets may be attributed to Baidu, which is also called Baidu.URL hijacking。 The simplest example is in supermarkets.a brand of instant noodlesandKang handsome

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Ps: Junior 2 really confiscates a penny of advertising fee. It’s just a simple example.

Using HTML tags


Why did you mention it?parameterDifferent links can also be regarded as different links. The three links here are all home pages, but they are only used.fromTo determine the source of users, you can use itrel="cononical"To tellSearch EnginesWhich links do these links represent?

<link rel="cononical" href="https://pushme.top/index.html" />

Of course, the one mentioned in the 302 status code aboveMobile terminal and PC terminalIt can also be used.rel="cononical"andrel="alternate"To helpSearch EnginesUnderstand the relationship between the two websites:

<! - PC pages use alternate to point to mobile Pages - >
<link rel="alternate" href="http://m.abc.com/">

<! - Mobile pages point to PC pages with canonical
<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.abc.com/">

rel="alternate"It can also be used to implement the website.Skin changing functionThis article mainly talks about SEO related will not expand more.

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