3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library


`According to the data provided by the Ministry of education, the number of graduate students in China is increasing year by year. In 2020, a total of 3.41 million students applied for graduate students. Together with other library users, it is calculated that every 439000 people share a library on average. Obviously, the public self-study space can not meet the social needs at all.
So the question is, where did the candidates who didn’t “seize” the seats in the library go to study?
Meanwhile, according to the employment data released by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the registered urban unemployment rate in 2020 is much higher than 3.62% in December 2019. Facing such huge employment pressure, taking various certificates has become an important way for workers to improve their self competitiveness. Easily distracted “home” is obviously not the best choice for learning.
In the context of the surge in the number of people taking postgraduate entrance exams and certificates and the insufficient supply of public resources,The paid study room came into people’s sight.
Private space, free Wi Fi, smart devices… These characteristics that meet the hot needs of contemporary people make relevant data analysis institutions conclude that “the scale of paying users in China’s paid study room will break through in 2022  19 million people, the market scale will reach  four hundred   Hundred million”Such a conclusion is not surprising.
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library

Paid study room industry pain points

As an emerging industry, paid study rooms are particularly “favored” by entrepreneurs. However, some sober entrepreneurs see the “daunting” industry pain behind the seemingly beautiful scenery of the paid self-study room:
1. Strong geographical location and high cost of obtaining new customers
There are many local customers with convenient transportation, but the busy business districts and universities in major cities are limited, which makes the cost of obtaining customers rise sharply. In addition to geographical issues, examination cycle and other issues, it also makes the “competition” for tourists more and more intense;
2. Lack of core competitiveness and serious product homogenization
The products and services that paid study rooms can provide are mostly homogeneous, and basically do not have their own core competitiveness;
3. High comprehensive cost and single profit model
At present, the paid study room is still in the initial stage of development, with low industry concentration, high comprehensive cost, relatively single profit model and small profit space;
Under the influence of these factors, entrepreneurs in the paid study room began to seek a “new way out” in order to solve the above difficulties and pain points.
Graffiti smart launched a smart unmanned self-study room solution to help customers in the paid self-study room achieve “perfect” upgrading and transformation!

Intelligent transformation and upgrading, graffiti, wisdom, unmanned study room

A higher level of “paid self-study room” is “unmanned self-study room”. The paid study room collides with the Internet of things, making the paid study room “intelligent” and solving the above pain points and difficulties:
▷ combination of online and offline: the user makes an appointment / takes a seat / leaves through the applet, and the whole process is intelligent. Let the study room break through the limitation of time and space and get guests easily
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library
▷ intelligent self-study space:The equipment (smart socket, smart desk lamp, human presence sensor, etc.) is intelligently linked and can be checked and controlled remotely. A variety of intelligent devices make the study room have its own core competitiveness. Various intelligent devices full of sense of science and technology instantly attract users’ attention.
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library
▷ efficient unattended:Save manpower operation, reduce comprehensive operation cost in a straight line, break through time limit and open 24 hours a day.
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library
Graffiti smart self-study room, based on Android, IOS, applet and other multi-terminal SDKs, various categories and function expansion SDKs, helps customers in the self-study room industry quickly realize app development; At the same time, the open API and industry components based on the cloud development platform, coupled with the “powered by Tuya” intelligent hardware ecology, can quickly build the self-study room industry customers’ own SaaS applications.
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library

Wisdom has no self-study room, where ideal meets reality

The rise of Internet hot words such as “Internet suppressing cloud”, “tool man” and “migrant worker” reflects the self-examination of contemporary young people. Young people need oneQuiet spaceStay away from the “noisy” society, look back and think.According to the survey data of iimedia research, 43.2% of consumers go to the paid study room to seek their own independent space (as shown in the figure below).
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library
But at the same time, just “quiet space” is not enough, there needs to beatmosphereLearning atmosphere, thinking atmosphere, able to have time to plan their ideal atmosphere。 Young people, or most people in modern society, have reached the peak in their pursuit of the word “atmosphere”. The 24-hour intelligent unmanned study room fully meets this demand, and its market appreciation space is self-evident.
The intelligent unmanned study room solution helps entrepreneurs build an intelligent and customized study room end-to-end, from reducing operating costs to expanding profit model,Let entrepreneurs’ ideals shine into reality and let consumers sink from reality into ideals
Whether it is the traditional self-study room operator, self-study room scene hardware solution provider, self-study room scene software solution provider or self-study room scene system integrator, graffiti intelligence can provide them with one-stop solutions such as open source technology, operation tools and sales channels.
3.41 million candidates went to such a place except the library

Click here to obtain the scheme design data of intelligent self-study room:Graffiti intelligent unmanned study room solution

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