25Cr2Ni3Mo impeller rotor


25Cr2Ni3Mo steel is designed and developed according to the alloying principle of steel, considering the manufacturing characteristics of Du rotor of compressor, and adjusting the content of C, Cr, Mo, Ni and other main elements properly on the basis of foreign power station standby steel astma-1100541no8. The steel can obtain different mechanical properties through different heat treatment processes, It is widely used in compressor impeller, spindle and stator
Its chemical composition is as follows: C 0.21, Cr 1.5, Ni 3.44, Si 0.18, s 0.018, P 0.022
The impeller of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel was treated by vacuum heat treatment. The impeller was heated to 830-870 ℃ in a vacuum furnace with vacuum degree of 1.33 × 10-2-1.33 × 10-3pa,
After heat preservation, oil cooling and nitrogen cooling at 5 × 10 – 5 PA were carried out respectively, followed by tempering at 610 ℃
After heat treatment, the mechanical properties and microstructure of the impeller were tested. The results show that the mechanical properties of the impeller after oil quenching and gas quenching and high temperature tempering are basically the same, and the microstructure is mainly tempered sorbite
The surface quality of impeller after vacuum heat treatment is better than that of impeller after common heat treatment
25Cr2Ni3Mo impeller rotor

Effect of quenching temperature on Microstructure and mechanical properties of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel gasket
The tensile properties of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel gasket samples at room temperature and the energy value of low temperature impact absorption at – 115 ℃ were tested at different quenching temperatures. The microstructure and high power structure of scanning electron microscope were observed by metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscope, and the impact fracture morphology was analyzed
According to the test and analysis results, the optimum quenching temperature range of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel is determined, which can meet the requirements of high mechanical properties of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel gasket

The heat treatment process test of 25Cr2Ni3Mo high strength low temperature steel was carried out. The tensile properties at room temperature and the low temperature impact absorbed energy at – 115 ℃ of the samples after different sub temperature quenching temperatures were tested, Metallographic microstructure and impact fracture morphology were analyzed by metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscope. The microstructure of sub temperature quenching sample is finer than that of normal quenching and tempering sample, the fracture morphology is better, and the comprehensive mechanical properties are higher. The comprehensive properties of double quenching sample with 850 ℃ oil cooling and 840 ℃ oil cooling are better. The high temperature mechanical properties of 25Cr2Ni3Mo bolt are ensured
The effect of heat treatment of 25Cr2Ni3Mo steel on its mechanical properties and welded joint mechanical properties is studied. The application of this material in impeller, spindle and stator is described respectively. The suitable temperature (low temperature) for rotating parts and stator parts is obtained
Impeller is the key part of propylene compressor. 840 electrode is used for welding. Heat treatment is required after welding.

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