22SiMn2TiB code


22SiMn2TiB armor steel, code 616. It is a kind of martensite heat-resistant high-strength special steel. It has excellent gun resistance, strong destructive impact resistance, uniform and stable performance, good shape and surface quality. It has high comprehensive mechanical properties at high temperature. It is used to manufacture high temperature structural parts and protective devices. It is widely used in electric power, ship and weapon industry.
22SiMn2TiB armor plate 616, hardness 420hbw, comprehensive mechanical properties: yield strength 1200Mpa, tensile strength 1500MPa, elongation 7%, impact absorption energy 20j. Due to the large size of the steel plate (3 ~ 4.2m in length and 1.5m in width), it is difficult to ensure the performance and uniformity of the steel plate, and it is also difficult to ensure the flatness of the steel plate after heat treatment to prevent quenching deformation.22SiMn2TiB code
22SiMn2TiB steel plate quenching roller hearth furnace production line consists of quenching furnace, quenching press, high pressure water tank facilities. Among them, the quenching furnace makes the steel plate can automatically reciprocally heat in the furnace to reduce the deformation in the heating process. At the same time, the advanced temperature control system is adopted to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature. Keep heating the steel plate evenly. The upper and lower heads of the quenching press can press the steel plate at the same time to prevent deformation. At the same time, spray holes are set on the upper and lower heads. The quenching water cooling method is adopted to ensure the cooling uniformity of the steel plate during quenching and reduce the phenomenon of large deformation due to uneven cooling on both sides. The high-pressure water storage tank is set at a height of 20m above the ground, and the water is ejected at high speed with great pressure to ensure the rapid cooling.
(2) The self-made tempering fixture is used to temper the anti deformation steel plate, and a 2T heavy square iron static pressure is placed on the steel plate to reduce the deformation during tempering.
(3) The three roll leveler can ensure the flatness correction. Because the hardness of 22SiMn2TiB steel plate is very high after quenching, the three roll straightener designed and manufactured by Yizhong group is introduced to realize the flatness correction after quenching to reach the tolerance range.
(4) 22SiMn2TiB (616), 26simnmo (Gy5), 28crmo (GY4), Pro500, 32crni2motia (A-8), 32mn2si2moa (F-3), 32mn2sia (F-2)