2022 open source summer | serverless devs accompany you to “become stronger”


Serverless is a hot topic in the field of cloud computing in recent years. It is sought after by many people with many advantages, such as extreme flexibility, pay as you go, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Cloud manufacturers are also constantly laying out the field of serverless. However, with the development of time, some serious problems have been exposed in the field of serverless, such as serious vendor lock-in, lack of appropriate developer tools, difficult debugging of programs and so on. Therefore, serverless devs came into being.

Serverless devs is an open-source project in the field of serverless initiated by Alibaba. Its purpose is to contribute an open-source and non vendor locked serverless developer tool with developers. It is hoped that this tool can play a role in the whole life cycle of developers developing serverless applications, so that developers can play serverless like using mobile phones.

In 2022, serverless devs once again joined a series of open source activities in Colleges and universities supported by the open source software supply chain lighting program of the Institute of software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences – Open Source summer 2022。 This activity aims to encourage students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software, promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community, and cultivate and explore more excellent developers. The event unites with major open source communities at home and abroad to provide project tasks for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and is open to college students all over the world.

In this event,You can not only get the opportunity to learn and communicate with top serverless tutors, but also get a huge bonus for those who pass the examination.Students are welcome to apply actively.

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Activity operation mode

  • The main roles of the participants are students, communities and mentors.
  • The community provides a list and description of the project and arranges mentors for the project.
  • Students can choose the projects they are interested in to apply, and get the opportunity to be personally guided by the senior maintainer (community tutor) of the software after winning the election. According to the difficulty and completion of the project, participants will also receive open source summer activity bonus and completion certificate.

Project list

This year, serverless devs applied for four projects in the open source summer, all of which were led by the community maintainer, with a difficulty level of“Advanced”, the topic type covers many fields, such as component development, application development, tool maintenance, plug-in development and so on.

Serverless component development

As a professional developer tool in the field of serverless, serverless devs is committed to playing a role in the whole life cycle of serverless applications. With the development of time, on the one hand, serverless devs can support FAAS products of many manufacturers, but the support ratio for baas products is relatively weak; On the other hand, serverless devs should have a more in-depth exploration of ecological integration. For example, the operations related to resource creation and management should be handed over to terraform.

Project details:
Summer-2022 (summer-ospp.ac.cn)

Serverless application development

Serverless devs has many functions and components, but I hope there are some targeted cases that can be more friendly to developers and users and help you complete the experience more quickly. Therefore, students who choose this topic need to understand the serverless architecture and participate in the development and design of experience cases.

Project details:
Summer-2022 (summer-ospp.ac.cn)

Serverless devs vscode plug-in development

As a full life cycle management tool of serverless application, serverless devs still exists in the form of command line, so its support in the development state is relatively weak. Students who choose this topic need to understand the relevant contents of serverless devs and have basic business development ability, and complete the design and development of vscode plug-in of serverless devs.

image.pngProject details:
Summer-2022 (summer-ospp.ac.cn)

UI construction of serverless Community Edition

At present, serverless devs has the ability to observe, edit and other related capabilities, but they are scattered single page content. Students who choose this topic need to have the foundation of serverless and web application development. Through further study of serverless, they can develop serverless devs UI and contribute to the community.

Project details:
Summer-2022 (summer-ospp.ac.cn)

Application strategy

About eligibility:

  • The 2022 open source summer activity is for students over the age of 18.
  • Students who are about to graduate in summer can submit their applications on the official website as long as their student ID card is within the validity period at the time of application.
  • Overseas students can provide admission notice, student card, proof of study and other documents to prove their identity.

We look forward to you:

  • Have some basic front-end knowledge, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc;
  • Have a certain understanding of back-end language, especially node js / Typescript;
  • Have a positive exploration heart, constantly find problems, constantly innovate and challenge;
  • Have a positive and responsible attitude, not only to learn, but also to be persistent in one thing and willing to explore new things.

Additional points:

  • Have a certain understanding of serverless;
  • Have a certain understanding of CI / CD and Environmental Division;
  • Have developed complete projects and contributed to open source experience.

Participation process

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Your earnings

  • Have a deeper understanding and understanding of serverless architecture, and deeply participate in the development of serverless devs community;
  • A strong mentor camp helps students quickly accumulate development experience and feel the whole process of enterprise development process and business from 0 to 1 and then to N;
  • It is important to improve the breadth and technical ability of their own career;
  • Generous rewards, including official bonuses and certificates issued in the open source summer.

Bonus amount:

The difficulty of each project is divided into ordinary and advanced levels, and the corresponding bonus is 8000 yuan and 12000 yuan respectively.The four projects of serverless devs are rated as “advanced”
(Note: the amount of bonus is RMB before tax).

Bonus payment time:

After the students submit the results, the tutor and the organizing committee will conduct review and assessment. The students who pass the review will fill in the bank information in the system, and the organizing committee will pay the full closing bonus.

We will provide

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Join the group directly and have zero distance communication with the tutor!

In the group, we provide free learning materials:**

  • Serverless technical Atlas (including 65 video lessons and 8 practical scenes)
  • E-book “quick reference manual for serverless development”
  • Ebook “Introduction to serverless to actual combat”

Strong mentoring group:

Our tutor has rich experience in open source projects and cloud product development, and successfully completed programming with students of 9 projects last year, with rich guidance experience.

  • Wang Renda

Alibaba cloud senior technical expert, who has successively engaged in cluster management, cloud native application management and serverless related work in Baidu and Alibaba cloud, is committed to improving the efficiency of users accessing and using the cloud. At present, he is the technical director of Alibaba cloud serverless tool chain; Author of AI application development under serverless architecture: introduction, practice and performance optimization.

Tutor email:[email protected]

  • Yuan Kun

Alibaba cloud front-end technology experts have conducted in-depth research on user experience, front-end architecture and serverless architecture. Currently, he is the head of front-end R & D of microservices & serverless.

Tutor email:[email protected]

  • Luo song

Responsible for the functional development of Alibaba cloud functional computing products (runtime development, event source integration and the implementation of enterprise level serverless solutions). Currently, he focuses on the construction of serverless developer tool chain and is the R & D director of S / FC components of cloud native serverless dev. Pay attention to the latest technical trends of serverless and the implementation of enterprise level solutions, and strive to promote the popularity of serverless in the developer community.

Tutor email:[email protected]

  • Liu Yu

Doctoral student of National University of Defense Science and technology; Initiator of open source project serverless devs; Authors of serverless architecture: from principle, design to project practice, serverless engineering practice: from introduction to advanced, AI application development under serverless architecture: introduction, practice and performance optimization, architect special issue: serverless practice that everyone can learn, and serverless quick reference manual.

Tutor email:[email protected]

What is serverless devs

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Serverless DevsIt is an open source and open serverless developer platform, which is committed to providing developers with a powerful tool chain system. Through this platform, developers can not only experience multi cloud serverless products with one click and rapidly deploy serverless projects, but also manage projects in the whole life cycle of serverless applications. They can be combined with other tools / platforms simply and quickly to comprehensively improve the efficiency of R & D, operation and maintenance.

Six advantages:

  • No vendor lock: with pluggable features, it supports project deployment of different cloud manufacturers and one click deployment to different cloud platforms;
  • Open source form construction: if the project is built through open source code and open ecology, developers can view and participate in the contribution of serverless devs developer tool at any time, and can also contribute to relevant components and applications at any time;
  • Flexible and pluggable: the serverless devs developer tool itself does not have any business capabilities. All business capabilities are pluggable in the form of components, and each component can customize the corresponding commands and functions as needed;
  • Easy and quick to get started: provide developers with hands-on cases in multiple forms, fields and scenarios through opening the model / specification and application mode of serverless registry;
  • Application lifecycle management: through component-based support, developers can carry out project construction and management at many levels, such as project creation, project development, debugging, observability and so on;
  • Good integration and integration: quickly realize the organic combination with traditional ecology through the support of component;

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