2022 / 4 / 8 academic success project summary


Up to now: EV = 559.6 ﹐ AC = 844.5 ﹐ PV = 1250


SV (progress deviation) = ev-pv = 559.6-1250 = – 690.4

CV (cost deviation) = ev-ac = 559.6-1250 = – 439.6

SPI (Progress performance index) = EV / PV = 559.6 / 1250 = 0.45

CPI (cost performance index) = EC / AC = 0.66

Teac (estimated completion time) = SAC / teac = 60 / 0.45 = 133

EAC (project cost budget) = BAC / CPI = 6000 / 0.66 = 9090

Parameter analysis:

  SV<0  CV<0  PV>AV>EV

Low efficiency, slow speed and delayed investment


Improve learning efficiency, increase the total amount of learning, adhere to physical exercise, eat more and improve the quality of life.


Personal feeling: Generally speaking, the earned value analysis lasted for nearly 20 days, but the effect was not satisfactory. First of all, I was ill for most of the first two weeks, or some non study work came in miserably. I didn’t calculate the whole analysis, which was far from the obvious effect of the month before the start of school. The daily budget of the previous month was 80% up, and the week before the start of earned value analysis was also very regular, Until now, I have gradually entered the state again. I hope I can restrain my inertia more in the future. Secondly, because I put the daily living expenses and learning tasks together, in fact, the project investment has nothing to do with the project, so the supervision is a little unsatisfactory, but it is still good for the supervision of learning. I hope it gets better and better