2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most and rust is the fastest growing


Recently, slashdata, a developer research company, released the 20th edition of its developer country ranking, which said that JavaScript was still the most popular programming language and had the most developers in the first quarter of this year, but rust has become the fastest-growing programming language.

2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most and rust is the fastest growing

2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most and rust is the fastest growing

The slashdata survey covered more than 19000 respondents from 155 countries / regions, which is slightly different from the popularity ranking of other languages from GitHub, redmonk, stackoverflow and tiobe.

Slashdata conducts this survey twice a year. Its last survey estimated the size of the JavaScript community at 12.4 million, including typescript and coffee script, which are also based on the same ECMAScript standard. By the end of the first quarter, the number had increased to 13.8 million.

Python ranks second with 10.1 million developers and Java ranks third with 9.4 million. The ranking of developers of stackflow is the same as that of the previous research of stackflow.

According to slashdata, Python is the language with the largest growth in the number of developers, of which 70% of developers focus on using it for relevant machine learning, which is largely due to machine learning libraries such as Google tensorflow, Facebook pytorch and numpy.

For another topic language rust in the field of data science, slashdata said that at present, only 17% of people use rust, but it is the programming language with the highest increase in the proportion of developers in the past 12 months. However, because the basic number is low, the net increase is lower than that of Python.

Although rust is not widely used, this year its community stepped out of Mozilla’s “constraints” and created its own rust foundation, which has been supported by Amazon Web services, Microsoft azure, Google and Mozilla.

Rust may become the new favorite of a large technology factory

For Android developers, Java and kotlin are popular choices; For developers engaged in operating system and internal bottom layer, C and C + + are popular choices. However, among many languages, rust, as a small modern system programming language, has gradually been favored by major enterprises in recent two years.

At the end of 2020, after investigating 8323 developers around the world, rust officials released the latest rust survey report in 2020. Through the report, we found that the user viscosity of rust developers is high, and 83% of the respondents said they have been using the language.

As we all know, when it comes to rust language, security, performance, concurrency and other features are its advantages. Rust provides memory security by using a combination of compile time check and run-time check to enforce the lifetime / ownership of objects and ensure that memory access is effective. While implementing this security, it can also provide performance equivalent to C and C + +. Rust also reduces the need for sandboxes, giving developers more overhead space to introduce new features that are safer and lighter.

Last year, the AWS open source team announced the hiring of Felix Klock, co-founder of rust compiler, to further improve rust in the future. Apple also expressed its interest in porting C code to rust, hoped to join the trend of writing code using rust, and wanted to transition C to rust on the Linux based server-side platform. Microsoft also said in the interview that C / C + + is not competent to write mission critical software. The industry needs a high-performance and memory safe programming language to develop the underlying system, and the best choice in today’s market is rust.

Recently, Google announced that for security reasons, it recommended developers to use the rust programming language to develop the operating system. And said that in the past 18 months, it has been adding rust support for Android open source projects. But adding a new language to the Android platform is a huge project. Some tool chains and dependencies need to be maintained, testing infrastructure and tools must be updated, and developers need to be trained.

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2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most and rust is the fastest growing