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Please pay attention to the 2020china “Tencent medical digital construction special session” held on the morning of August 21.

The construction of smart hospital is undoubtedly the top priority of digital transformation of medical industry. In recent years, the national health administrative department has vigorously advocated the construction of smart hospitals. From the perspectives of smart medicine, smart service and smart management, the aim is to further play the important role of cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in the construction and management of modern hospitals, continuously improve the level of hospital governance modernization and form online Under the integration of modern hospital service and management mode, to provide patients with higher quality, more efficient, safer, more considerate medical services.

The construction of smart hospital involves the comprehensive reconstruction of IT infrastructure, network security, software application ecology and operation service mode. Tencent has given full play to its platform value in cloud computing, security, artificial intelligence, enterprise wechat and other Internet applications, providing a full range of digital construction solutions for the construction of smart hospitals, and has accumulated rich practical cases.

On the morning of August 21, 2020 China Hospital Information Network Conference (China) was established“Tencent medical digital construction workshop”Sponsored by Tencent, enterprise wechat, Tencent medical health and Tencent security, and co organized by hit expert network, this activity aims to share practical experience and solutions of smart hospital construction with industry colleagues, and explore new opportunities and new trends.

In this activity, you can learn about:

1. The latest progress and more innovative solutions of Tencent medical and health under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

2. Innovative application and landing cases of enterprise wechat. It includes: enterprise wechat promotes the communication between doctors and patients in wechat Internet hospitals and Internet diagnosis and treatment; enterprise wechat improves the remote ability of medical institutions, implements business scenarios such as remote office, ward visit, telemedicine, surgery teaching, etc., and enhances the epidemic prevention and control measures in a non-contact way; based on wechat and enterprise wechat, it provides medical, medical insurance electronic vouchers and residents’ electronic health cards Interconnection and interoperability, promote “three medical linkage”, and integrate “Internet plus” ecosystem.

3. Tencent security provides an overall security solution for internet medical and cloud medical. In the process of digital transformation, the medical industry is facing increasingly serious information security problems. Tencent cloud security constructs a comprehensive security intelligent protection system for medical users through the “cloud, management, end” integrated three-dimensional protection mode.

This activity will be carried out online and offline. We sincerely invite the participation of national medical institutions and enterprise ecological partners to jointly promote the construction of smart hospitals.

Organization of the conference

Sponsors: Tencent, enterprise wechat, Tencent healthcare, Tencent security

Co organizer: hit expert network

Meeting time

Friday, August 21, 2020 10:00-12:10 am


Viewing hall on the third floor of Nanjing International Convention and Exhibition Center


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