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I’m sorryunstated-nextBased on the management of the settings of the react key mode (hook + context)? I’m sorry

20% click one? Unstated next

Where? Before the exit of react hook, it is based on a single data source, and the Redux & react Redux based on the number of packets is based on object.defineproperty and object.defineproperty? The proxy panel is modified or accessed by mobx, which is based on the rate of react 16.8, or can be based on different mobx? The hook rate management will also be unstated next


import { createContainer } from "unstated-next";

function useCounter(initialState = 0) {
  let [count, setCount] = useState(initialState);
  let decrement = () => setCount(count - 1);
  let increment = () => setCount(count + 1);
  return { count, decrement, increment };

//Using create container? Usecounter cannot complete the organization that provides the status and the new? let Counter = createContainer(useCounter);

function CounterDisplay() {
//From the usecounter of the process, do not change the status and the new one
  let counter = Counter.useContainer();
  return (
      <button onClick={counter.decrement}>-</button>
      <button onClick={counter.increment}>+</button>

function App() {
  return (
      <CounterDisplay />
      {/ * via initialstate ф Please refer to
      <Counter.Provider initialState={2}>
            <CounterDisplay />

render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));

Unstated next

  1. Provides the createcontainer to install the hooks as an alternative to providing information and new specifications?Data reconciliation
  2. Using the usecontext frameworkProvider entryAnd?Component location storeThis is not the case/ li>

There is a problem? Unstated next

import { createContext, createElement, useContext } from "react";
export default useHook => {
  const Context = createContext();
  const Provider = ({ init, children }) => {
    return createElement(Context.Provider, { value: useHook(init) }, children);
  const useContainer = () => useContext(Context);
  return { Provider, useContainer };
  • Through the exit number, it is not included? Code > provider and? Code > usecontainer/ li>
  • The provider controls the init function, which is called?Data reconciliationComponents, which are filtered by the createElement? Context.provider is a member of the group and willData reconciliationParty B and Party B of the asset returnvalueIf the sub node does not change, it will return to normal
< XXX. Provider value = {new name..} >{ children}</xxx.Provider>
  • Passing throughuseContainerDrag to the value status and new file in the current context.provider and return it/ li>

What is the e-provider shell

Where? Unstated next is not a single process?Data reconciliationFor example, if the structure needs to be changed, it needs to be in the multi-channel hospital 9


Or you can process it through the compose exit number, and you can?Data reconciliationThe component can adjust the required power supply by adding a provider that is not available to the user through the reduce cable? Code > provider medical 9 service groups/ p>

export const composeProvider = (...commonFun) => ({ children }) => {
  return commonFun.reduceRight((child, { init, Provider }) => {
    return <Provider init={init}>{child}</Provider>;
  }, children);

//To be used
const Provider = reduceProvider({ ...xxxState1, init: 100 }, xxxState2);
export default () => (
    <ExamplePage1 />
    <ExamplePage2 />
    <ExamplePage3 />

To set the adjustment code

What’s up у Function:/ p>

What’s the result

What’s the result

In case of unstated next, the board will be a closed hospital, and it will be used as the main duty area of the board, and it will be stored in the hospital immediately? The contents of the class group will be included in the laws of the class group, and it will be able to explain all the disputes

In this case, if you do not open the new address during the registration process, you will be able to create a common address, which is the same as that of the customer? Unstated next link ф For example, if there is a problem, the location is the same т Correction/ p>

To add the following information to the contract:/ p>

  • What’s up? a href=” https://developpaper.com/go.php?go=aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL2JsYXplcjIzMy91bnN0YXRlZC1uZXh0 ” target=”_ Blank “rel =” nofollow “> call GitHub

Reference file/ h2>

  • What’s up? a href=” https://developpaper.com/go.php?go=aHR0cHM6Ly9naXRodWIuY29tL2phbWllYnVpbGRzL3Vuc3RhdGVkLW5leHQ= ” target=”_ blank” rel=”nofollow”>unstated-next
  • What’s up? a href=” https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/114034495 “Rel =” nofollow “> react hooks (group and management)/ a>
  • What’s up? a href=” https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/93500556 “Rel =” nofollow “> toner, nstated? Unstated next power cable code/ a>
  • What’s up? a href=” https://www.jianshu.com/p/f5d0d777b523 “Rel =” nofollow “> react volume management unstated next usage process

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