2. Install visual studio plug-in visual assist


In the previous article, we have installed visual studio 2015. First of all, we have to install a visual assist plug-in. The plug-in supports automatic code prompt. After using it, you will find that it is really delicious.


The visual assist plug-in for visual studio 2015 has been in a strange hole before. No matter how you install it, you will crash when you start vs2015. Other versions of visual studio are normal and suspicious!! Today I’d like to share a visual assist plug-in that supports all visual studio versions



1、 Download visual assist plug-in

Download link: visual assist tomato version


2、 Install visual assist plug-in

1. Run VA_ X_ Setup2270_ 0.exe

2. Activate the plug-in

Run visual Assist X General patch v2.0.exe, more – > clear trial information, and click Install


3. Restart visual studio to complete the installation

When starting, there is a copyright prompt. Click OK;


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Please note: Python / C + +? Install visual studio plug-in visual assist

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