15 best websites for learning angularjs


Angularjs is an excellent front-end JS development framework, which can help you quickly prompt your abilities and simplify the code when you develop applications. Mastering angularjs can help you prompt the usability of your application and realize other functions that are considered impossible in the scientific and technological community. We are not unfamiliar with the importance of angularjs and know the impact of learning resources on the learning process. That’s why we summarize these 15 ideal websites if you want to learn angularjs.

Recipes with Angular.js

This e-book arranges many useful resources for learning angularjs. It also includes the problems encountered by many developers and designers when using angularjs. Solutions to these problems are given and discussed. This book will be updated frequently and some concepts related to angularjs will be added. In order to improve the reading experience, the search function is updated to make it easier for you to find the topic you need. You can also ask questions in the comments section.


This website contains a tutorial on angularjs. This tutorial breaks down the principle into simple steps and provides appropriate examples. It’s very rigorous, so you can learn very easily. However, you need to understand the basic concepts of JavaScript and a suitable text editor to help you learn this course better.


This website provides a lot of helpful materials for you to learn angularjs. Blogs, articles, videos, e-books and so on can help you master the relevant knowledge of angularjs.


Thinkster.io uses a different teaching method. Its purpose is to develop your angularjs expertise with high-quality content. It believes that learning is a step-by-step process, which is why it separates tutorials by topic and supplements reading materials.

Year of Moo

Year of MoO contains many detailed articles related to angularjs components, so that you can become a skilled user. Some of the latest features of angularjs are often updated to the website, so please rest assured that if you rely on this website to learn angularjs, you will not fall behind. It provides lecture contents such as angularjs animation, index and information.

AngularJS Tutorial by Todd Motto

After reading Todd motto’s 10000 word article, you will become a user very familiar with the key concepts of angularjs. This tutorial aims to understand the basic concepts of angularjs and provides some additional reading resources. This tutorial claims that you can become a master in one day. So why not spend a day trying?

Ng Book

This is the most open, complete and up-to-date e-book on the theme of angularjs. This is a quick way to get familiar with basic concepts and become a professional user. It explains how angularjs works through good examples, and handles some testing, coding and performance related problems.

Ng Newsletter

Ng newsletter has a guide entitled “angularjs from beginners to experts”. It is divided into seven series. And if you want to master more knowledge, the website also provides a lot of resources. This includes three ebooks on the topic and content extracted from other ebooks.


This is a good place to learn. Egghead provides a lot of video tutorials about angularjs. The content is simple and clear, including many angularjs related topics, such as animation, verification, template and so on. If you want to thoroughly understand how angularjs works and study its details, this will be the ultimate place for you to learn.


This site provides a tutorial called intro to angular JS written by gurran Keller. It explains the features of angularjs through examples according to chapters, and provides “try it yourself” so that you can evaluate your learning progress. Some video tutorials are also provided as advanced references.

AngularJs On Codeacademy

This website is used by many students who have no concept of angularjs, so it is very suitable for beginners. It presents many challenges that you need to solve to ensure that you master the concept. It allows you to complete the course in 5 hours and develop applications using angularjs.

Code School

Code school provides a complete code package for the tutorial “shaping up with angular”. It divides tutorials by registration and provides a practical application. In addition, it also provides reading materials and video tutorials to help you solve your confusion. Code school is a very useful platform to remind you of your skills.

AngularJS in 60 minutes

Dan Wahlin doesn’t believe in wasting time and speeds up your learning by giving you some skills and insights about angularjs. Angularjs in 60 minutes is a downloadable e-book and provides videos to help you solve your puzzles and questions.


Mediaroot provides a very simple article, “angular JS for absolute beggars”. This paper is divided into 14 parts, covering all the important contents, and the summary of each section gives an overview. It is another resource highly rated by beginners.


Angularjs tutorial for designers solves the problems faced by web designers when learning other tutorials. Because most of the tutorials are for developers, and few are for web designers. This tutorial highlights concepts that are very important to designers and is very useful.

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