[12C] using cloud control to manage database


The last part demonstrates how to use cloud control to install and configure Oracle management agent on the target machine. This part introduces how to use cloud control to manage database.

1 add database manually

1) Select Settings > Add target > Add target manually

2) Select the instruction and target type, and click the use guided process add button

3) Select the target name, click Select, next

4) Target discovery

5) Check the target name orcl, input the monitoring password, click test connection, and then click OK

6) Click Save to return to the result page and click next

7) On the review page, click save

8) Save the target and click close when finished

9) Click target > database to see the database orcl you just added

10) Click orcl connection and the following page will pop up to add the database to cloud control

2 cloud control management database

2.1 menu overview

1) Drop down menu of Oracle Database

2) Performance drop down menu

3) Availability menu

4) Security menu

5) Scheme menu

6) Management menu

From the above menu, we can see that almost all the management tasks of the database can be realized through cloud control. Among them, the most used menu is the performance related menu. Through the corresponding menu, we can view and analyze the performance of the database.













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