12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!
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While many users can easily use git from the command line, there are a variety of GUI clients that can greatly speed up your workflow, especially if you are not familiar with the platform.

If you’re looking for the ideal client to manage the repository on your Mac, this article lists the best GUI git clients for Mac OS X or windows.

1. GitHub Desktop

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


GitHub desktop is a completely free, open source, electron based git client application developed by GitHub. It allows you to interact with GitHub and other git platforms (including bitbucket and gitlab).

Its features include a nice partitioning method, which makes it easy to check branches with pull requests, you can check the differences between images and code blocks, and you can even use drag and drop to add items from the application for management.


12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Fork is a free advanced GUI git client for Mac and windows, focusing on speed, user friendliness and efficiency. Its functions include topic layout with quick action buttons, built-in merge conflict helper and parser, warehouse manager, GitHub notification, etc.

In the free git client, I like most of fork’s features. The features I know include interactive rebase, GIT streaming, GIT LFS, culling, recovery, submodules, etc.

3. Tower

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Tower is a paid GUI git client for MacOS and windows. At present, it is one of the leading client applications in professional git tools. It enables you to perform all git operations visually, and gives you a better understanding of version control. It includes merge conflict ranking and project collaboration.

You can enjoy a free 30 day trial period and then pay $69 per user or $99 per user for a basic or pro subscription, respectively.

4. Sourcetree

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Sourcetree is a free GUI git client for MacOS and windows. It simplifies the version control process, allowing you to focus on what’s important – coding.

It has a professional UI, which can perform git tasks and access git streams by directly accessing git stream, sub module, remote repo manager, local Submit search, support git large file and other visual management version library.

Sourcetree was developed by atlassian for bitbucket, but not limited to this. It can be used in conjunction with other git platforms and has built-in support for the mercurial repository.

5. SmartGit

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Smartgit is a rich git client for Mac, Linux and windows. It supports SVN, GitHub and bitbucket pull request. Its functions include cli for git, graph merge and submit history, SSH client, GIT flow, file merge, conflict resolution program, etc.

Smartgit can be used for non-commercial projects for free. The cost of the license ranges from $99 per year to $229 for life. Fees may vary depending on the period of support you choose.

6. Sublime Merge

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Sublime merge is a git client for Mac, windows and Linux, created by the same developer after the popular sublime text source code editor.

It includes all the qualities satisfied by sublime Text users, including fast performance, integrated merge tools, powerful search tools, advanced difference checker, etc. It’s free, but like sublime text, you need to pay $99 for an extension license.

7. GitKraken

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Gitkraken is a free cross platform GUI git client, which can be used in version control system (including GitHub, bitbucket, gitlab, etc.). It aims to make you a productive git user by providing you with intuitive UI, task tracking, built-in code editor, merge conflict editor, and support for integration with other platforms.

Gitkraken costs $4.08 per month for commercial purposes and other features included in the pro version, such as merging conflict editors, multiple profiles, and self hosting repositories, while the enterprise version costs more.

8. GitUp

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Gitup is a free and open source git client for Mac users, focusing on speed, simplicity, efficiency and ease of use. It bypasses git binaries and interacts directly with the repository database, which makes it much faster than other git clients. For example, it loads and renders 40000 gitup repository submissions in a second.

Gitup has GUI alternatives for all git functions, and can intuitively implement input commands and real-time changes.

9. Ungit

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Although there are many different versions of GUI on the market, developers may look for a very simple way to use GIT. Yes, if it’s hard for you to choose which GUI is better, ungit will solve your choice.

Ungit brings user friendliness to git without sacrificing its versatility, and it can run on all platforms.

10. Aurees Git customers

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Aurees git client is a free application for git users on MAC, windows and Linux. It aims to provide you with a simple and powerful application to manage all git projects with GUI, so as to speed up the workflow.

It provides you with the convenience of intuitive operation of GIT warehouse. These features include excellent merge and preview, conflict resolution, built-in editor difference checking, intuitive highlighting, etc.

11. GitaHead

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Gitahead is a graphical git client for all different operating systems. It has a fast native interface designed to help you understand and manage source code history.

Gitahead was developed by understand Gamma Scitools, a manufacturer of Gamma Design. It has all the features it wants to get from commercial quality customers, now completely free and open source.

12. GitBlade

12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!


Gitblade is a beautiful git client on MAC, windows and Linux platforms. It provides users with the daily functions needed to operate git projects, including merging tools, displaying link branches and submitted visualizations, and joint difference checking to see the differences between multiple added files. It is a responsibility / annotation tool for visualizing file history.

Gitblade has free access to all basic git features, 14 day professional features. The professional edition, which costs $19.99 per user per year, includes licenses for up to three computers, repository tags, unconventional tools, merge tools, etc.

While all of these applications provide similar functionality for git projects, they have unique capabilities that make them stand out in other areas.

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12 excellent GUI git clients, programmers must!

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